Puzzle Box - Secret Society

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In the Box

  • Laser engraved wood box
  • Directional padlock
  • UV flashlight
  • Puzzle document pack
  • and many secrets...

Reward options:

  • Lil Larry Flashlight
  • Kershaw Shuffle

How It Ships

Plain Box items ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Order today and it ships the next business day
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Unsolved Gift-ery

While Man Crates is renowned for crated collections with some disassembly required, we also dabble in gifts that take brains to open, not brawn. Our first mind-bending Puzzle Box works like an escape room riddled with complex clues. A worthy challenge for even the most hint-averse sleuths. But now—brace yourself—the proverbial stakes have been raised.

We present you with Puzzle Box: Secret Society. The Secret Society of American Puzzles is an organization so clandestine, so exclusive, it makes the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and the Knights Templar all feel like a first-grader's birthday party to which the entire class is invited. In an effort to uphold their unrivaled excellence in puzzlery, The Society is seeking new members. Be assured, admittance will not be easy. We are not at liberty to reveal much more, though we can tell you this: Solving The Society's Puzzle Box requires a keen eye to detect invisible ink and about an hour's worth of cranium-draining effort.

Put his intellect to the test with Puzzle Box: Secret Society, and let him prove he has the wit and wisdom to join the revered ranks of The Secret Society of American Puzzles.

Intrigue and Mystery Are Afoot

  • Along with a packet of documents intended for his eyes only, he will receive a specially made wooden box for his hands only, featuring cryptic engravings and hidden compartments.
  • The Society understands that even the greatest minds have moments of bewilderment. Accordingly, they have created an online hub of hints.
  • No solved puzzle shall go unrewarded. When he decipers the final dilemma, he'll uncover his choice of two rewards: The Kershaw Shuffle, a popular, pocket-size multi-tool featuring a handy blade, or the magnetic LiL Larry 250-lumen work light with low, high and red flashing light modes.

Customer Reviews

    Apr 16th 2021
    Bday gift unpuzzled

    My husband loved it from start to finish. The whole family enjoyed trying to figure out the clues. The only bad thing was the UV flashlight we put the battery in and 5 seconds later it stopped working. We solved the main puzzle but there are some more clues.

    Debbie Harris
    Feb 16th 2021

    I bought this for my husband and it turned out to be a family event. I have a 16 & 9 yr old that got into. We then went out with friends and we tryied figuring out. Loved it and will be looking for more.

    Jan 13th 2021

    I got this as a gift for my husband, but I watched him and solved the puzzles along with him (and tried not to give it away when I figured something out first haha). It was incredibly fun and I need so many more of these boxes in my life. My only complaint is that I wish you had more options for the gift inside and neither one was really something he needed or wanted. But the main point, for us, was the puzzle and that was perfect!

    Jan 4th 2021
    Nailed It!

    Husband and I don't typically exchange gifts for Christmas, but I came across ManCrates and I was intrigued. The puzzle box looked promising. What a hit! He never left his seat when he unwrapped his gift until it was solved. After he was done, he put it back together and two more people solved it. Bonus: The flashlight that was the present is quality. $100 for a gift better be good, especially buying online. This gift is quality and a good value. Thank you, ManCrates - I will be back!

    Jan 2nd 2021
    Better in a man crate than cardboard box

    We were thrilled with the purchase, but sad it’s just an old cardboard box. Takes some of the excitement out of getting a man crate when it’s just a box. Puzzle made him really think and was fun.

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