Lovestruck Gift Card

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When will it arrive?

In The Box

His Mission

Destroy the brick to extract the code and redeem a digital gift card.

His Choices*

  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot (available for use in USA and Canada)
  • Columbia Sportswear (available in $50 and $100 only)
  • Gamestop (available in $50 and $100 only)
  • Nike
  • Morton's Steakhouse (available in $50 and $100 only)
  • REI (available in $50 and $100 only)

*Full retailer redemption subject to change due to availability.

Agents of Destruction

  • Concrete Heart Brick (Gift card inside)
  • Ball-Peen Hammer (Style by availability)
  • Safety Goggles

How It Ships

Lovestruck Box
In a ManCrates branded cardboard box.

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    Choose your delivery date at checkout


Achy Breaky Heart

Even though heartache has given us some of the best rom-coms and love songs of all time, we’d never, EVER want to break a heart…unless…

If that heart was made of concrete and there was a gift card hidden inside redeemable at dozens of retailers, well, consider us lovestruck.

Arriving complete with a shiny new hammer and a pair of safety glasses, the Lovestruck gift card is a heart-shaped concrete brick just begging to be broken. Once he crushes, shatters, and otherwise obliterates the concrete casing, he’ll be rewarded with a code redeemable for his choice of gift card.

Share your love and make Valentine’s Day a smashing success with the Lovestruck Gift Card.

*Coupons and promotions do not apply to this product.

Customer Reviews

    Feb 14th 2020


    Lisa Buysman
    Feb 14th 2020

    My husband LOVED this! I love that it’s not your normal Valentine gift; cologne, candy, etc. He was smiling the entire time he was trying to crack it open! He then said “that was so cool” at least 4 times after he got the card out! Lol I would definitely recommend!!

    Feb 13th 2020
    Keeping it fresh!

    My wife gave me mine to crack open today and I was like.. hmm, interesting. I honestly didn't wanna crack it open cause it was pretty cool. But alas, I did and she filmed it. Was a pretty cool gift - changing it up and keeping it fresh. I salvaged some of the pieces as a keepsake. Thanks honey!

    Feb 8th 2020
    Amazing amazing gift!

    My husband opened his Valentine's gift early. He loved all the care put into the box and how it came together he said it was the perfect Man gift and he thought having an option for where to redeem the gift card was even better. He loved breaking open the heart, wearing the glasses and all

    Feb 16th 2020
    All but two of the gift cards out of stock

    My husband loved the gift & presentation, but went to redeem it today (2 days after Valentine’s Day) and all but TWO of the gift cards were out of stock. Seriously disappointing. The idea was great, but I essentially spent $163 (with expedited shipping) for a $100 mystery gift card. Not ok.

    Man Crates Response: I'm sorry to say that we are currently out of stock on some retailers for redemptions at certain levels. We had a huge rush over Valentine's Day and a few gift cards options were so popular that they're currently out of stock. We're in the process of restocking those options now, and should be completely back in stock by the end of this week. We appreciate your patience while we get our retailers reloaded. Please feel free to give us a call at 866-902-7260 if there's anything we can do for you to help make this right in the meantime. Thanks again.

    -Team Man Crates