Exotic Meats Jerkygram

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In The Box

Safari Samples

  • Jerkygram Box
  • .75oz Alligator BBQ Jerky Strip
  • .75oz Alligator Cajun Jerky Strip
  • .75oz Ostrich Jerky Strip
  • 2oz Wild Boar Jerky
  • 1oz Original Alpaca or Ostrich Stick
  • 3oz Buffalo Jerky

How It Ships

It's your meat in an awesome cardboard box. Surprise, it's meat!

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    Some shipping restrictions apply
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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Eat All the Things

Get your "Critters-I've-Eaten" passport out - you're about to get some new stamps.

We're leaving the farm behind and traveling to the far flung corners of the world to rustle up fresh game. It's the pilgrimage of the global carnivore, the instincts of a fearsome apex predator with an appetite. No natural defenses deter us, and no corner of the world escapes us.

On wing, in shell, on hoof or slither, wherever our quarry might scurry we will find it.

And we will eat it.

We Chews Only the Best

Team Man Crates ate more species in a month than Bear Grylls swallowed in seven seasons of survival. We went through tasting spreads not seen since Noah's unsanctioned post-flood luau, and now we proudly present the most delicious exotic meats sampler that you can legally buy in the developed world.

  • Alligator
  • Buffalo
  • Wild Boar
  • Alpaca
  • Ostrich

It spans three continents, three classes in the animal kingdom, and the complete matrix of textures, flavor, and spice. Just think of the thousands of miles of air travel and years of hunting techniques you're shortcutting with each order. It's staggering, and delicious.

So claim your throne, you king of beasts, and get these in your belly.

Customer Reviews

    Theresa c
    Feb 15th 2018
    making it right

    i received my package on time, only issues was that it was incomplete however i do understand that it is valentines day so i'm sure there where crazy busy and when i called them not only did they make it right by shipping out a new box but there overnight it to me and did not ask for the old box back which i was willing to give back but the guy i spoke with (he said his name was superman) was very nice and had no problem fixing my order i am very happy they did so and i cant wait to use them again in the future

    Mariah Cotton
    Feb 15th 2018

    My husband was thrilled with it! Best Valentines gift I've given him

    Feb 14th 2018

    Ordered for Valentine’s Day gift! He loved it. Thank you. Got here perfect time!

    Oct 21st 2017

    I love Man Crates!! This was a huge success and my man loved it.
    Pros: Jerky came fast and on time. Man says all were amazing! One was a little on the stale side, but he said it was still good. And of course with Man Crates there are no Cons ;)

    Apr 15th 2017
    Perfect Sailor Gift

    I wanted to send something special to my son for his first Easter while in the military. I sent the Exotic Meats Jerkygram to my carnivore. He was so excited to get a package in the mail and texted me only 20 minutes later to tell me he had eaten all but one of the packages. It had been perfect timing since he had just finished a 2 hour work out. He suggested that I should send him a larger version of the same package for his Christmas gift....... I plan to purchase another ManCrate to celebrate his completion of "A" School later this year.

    Thank you so much ManCrate for all the wonderful packages for my young man. Being able to give him special gifts helps to show him how much I support him in his service to our country. Keep up the great work!

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