Baconology Kit

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In The Box

Cured and Cooked

  • Man Crates Bacon Curing Instruction Manual
  • Secret Rub Recipe
  • Bacon Cure
  • Hickory Smoker Bag
  • Dial Meat Thermometer

NOTE: Baconology Kit does not ship in a crate.

How It Ships

Plain Box items ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Bacon It Rain!

It's impossible to go wrong with bacon, but only true students of the curing craft know just how right bacon can be. After pounds and pounds of delicious experimentation, we've divined the optimal seasoning and sizzling conditions for frying up prime time swine.

The Baconology Project Kit is spreading charcuterie skills to the masses and filling houses round the world with the savory smell of self-actualization.

Curing Your Bacon Blues

When it comes to amazin' bacon, the power is in the powder. We've tinkered and toiled with countless rubs and curing salts to optimize the ideal recipe. Any pork belly caressed with these sweet and savory swine refiners will be flavor heavy and fry ready in no time.

Where There's Smoke, There's Bacon

Bacon isn't bacon without the soft, lingering embrace from the smoke of an aromatic American hardwood. We're sending Cameron's Smoker Bag, which is basically an expensive, complex smoker in bag form, and a dial thermometer to keep the bacon from burning.

The Baconology Project Kit is a masterclass for savory slices of bacon season in triumph and sizzled to perfection.

Customer Reviews

    Feb 25th 2018
    Received as a gift

    Great idea, but ours came with no manual....

    Feb 25th 2018
    I read everything about an item before purchasing!

    10 out of 5 stars!! I read every review about this kit not coming in a crate AFTER I had ordered this kit. When ordering, I read the whole description, saw the picture of the box it came in, and still ordered. My fiancé loved it so much that he kept asking me if the site sold the belly rub and curing salt separate because he refuses to buy store packaged bacon now! We go to our local meat shop (Sniders Brothers Meats) and get a pork belly, and smoke our bacon in our smoker! I don’t care that this kit didn’t come in a crate, I think it was the perfect gift for a man who LOVES to create his own food. I’ve now order two kits that don’t come in a crate, and am now looking at ordering one in a crate since I know how great these kits really are! Thank you Man Crates, you have a very happy couple of costumers :)

    Heidi Meyer
    Jan 18th 2018
    It is the best ever!!!

    We added this kit to the grilling crate when we ordered it, it come separate. My son got the pork belly and did the whole bacon Ology directions driven bacon. It is the best bacon we have ever had PERIOD!!! I am from Nashville Tennessee and Bacon is a SERIOUS business. I just ordered a kit to go to my dad who makes Bacon every morning. We used the smoker bag in the oven. We did 3 pounds. I so wish we had done 10. Don't judge a box by its cover. Hooked and worried they will stop carrying this. Soooo good!!!

    Joe B
    Dec 11th 2017
    Got it as a gift. No bacon included

    Does not include bacon! A couple of bags of salt seasoning and an instruction manual and a thermometer. My friend thought it included the bacon. I would estimate the value at less than 10 bucks.

    Amanda Panchyshyn
    Dec 8th 2017

    Did not come in a crate. Looked at the site and it does say in a box. My bad for not paying attention to the description. But it was shipped in THAT box and the shipping label was stuck to the box right over the logo that said man crate. Part of the fun of ordering this for my husband was the fact that it says mancrate on the outside, and this is covered up. Ugh!

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