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    Jan 6th 2014
    Totally Awesome!

    This is a great product - my husband was very excited about the variety of stuff in it.

    Dec 29th 2013
    Slaughterhouse Man Crate

    Given to my son for Christmas. He loved it. The jerkey was great. What creative packaging! Will purchase again.

    Dec 26th 2013
    Unique Christmas Gift

    I purchased one for my step father and husband. They enjoyed the experience of having to open the crate. It was very unique and overall an awesome experience. The jerky is delicious. My husband liked the crate so much he is going to see where he can put it in his man room. : ) Thanks mancrates for the wonderful experience and fast delivery. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

    James Izzo
    Dec 26th 2013

    We purchased the Slaughterhouse man crate as a gift for my 15 year old son for Christmas. He actually knew about your crates as he has seen them on your web site before. That didn't give him an upper hand on opening it. "Mom will you help me get this thing open?". The quality of the jerky was fantastic. Thanks

    Dec 25th 2013
    Kinda disappointed but not angry.

    My son received his crate but the duct tape wrapping I ordered was not done. Bummed me out as I thought this would have been a great extra touch.

    ***Man Crates Edit Below***

    Hi there Andrew, bummer that we missed your wrapping! Hit us up at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right.

    Dec 24th 2013

    I bought this for my husband. He's a letter carrier. I figured this would be the perfect gift for him since he really doesn't have the time to take a lunch. He had his first back of jerky yesterday and he says that it was terrific! I am a customer for life!

    J & L
    Dec 21st 2013
    Slam dunk for Christmas!

    Ah-mazing. Got the Man Crate for a very outdoorsy, "man's man", fisherman, hunter of a brother-in-law. Frankly, I don't know how we'll top this. (Probably only with another Man Crate.)

    He called up immediately after getting it -- that's saying a lot, because we aren't exactly phone pals -- and gushed (as much as a man does) about it.

    We could not be more pleased. Well done, team!

    Dec 12th 2013
    Birthday Gift for the Teenage Outdoorsman

    He loved everything about the gift - from the uniqueness of the "Man Crate" to the huge supply of various jerky snacks. It was the perfect gift for a teenage boy!

    Customer service was excellent - we needed it delivered in a short amount of time. The package was expedited and we were kept informed every step of the way - from order confirmation to delivery.

    Excellent gift choice. Look forward to seeing what new options are available in the future.

    Dec 2nd 2013
    Manly Birthday Gift!

    I sent this crate to my father for his birthday, needless to say HE LOVED IT! It was a great surprise and he thought the packaging was a great touch! Thank you for such a great idea!

    Nov 25th 2013
    My Husbands Favorite Gift!!!

    I purchased the Beef Jerky crate for my husbands birthday. He got such a kick out of having to pry open the box and then LOVED the beef jerky inside. He kept the box. He said this was his favorite gift!
    Next time i am going to have it shipped in a duck tape capsule.

    Nov 22nd 2013
    What a GREAT Gift for my Husband

    I bought this for my husband for our 5th Anniversary. HE LOVED THIS! He has already told me I can do these any time haha. The Jerky was SUPER fresh and very High quality.

    Nov 22nd 2013

    I sent one to my Step Dad as a get well gift and my mom said he hasn't smiled in 5 days and boy did this put a huge smile on his face. He said the Jerky is the best jerky he has ever tasted and the quality is just amazing. Thank you MAN CRATES for producing such an amazing idea for men!

    Oct 16th 2013
    Just what a MAN needs

    I received one of these crates from my wife's boss and let me tell you... Not only is the food inside great, it was really fun to open. I can never buy regular jeky again!

    Bill Judd
    Oct 11th 2013
    My son thought it was an awesome gift.

    My son loved the gift. He loved the items and they fit his fitness regimen.

    Oct 9th 2013
    Did you know it was going to be wrapped like this?"

    "Did you know it was going to be wrapped like this?" That was the first thing my husband said when he came home with his special delivery. I had the slaughterhouse crate delivered to his business for our anniversary gift. The guys at his work had received in the package and were anxious and curious to see what it was all about, especially since I had selected the duct tape wrapping option. A nice touch, indeed. Of course he opted to bring it home to open it in front of me, perhaps because he was nervous to do it in front of his peers? They were disappointed of course that they couldn't experience the fun. It was gratifying to see my husband trying to pry it open but thankfully the included crow bar did the trick. He was in love, it was jerky heaven. Needless to say, he placed all of the glorious snacks and meats back into the crate so he could take it back to work with him;... maybe to share, maybe to brag... or just maybe because he loved it so much that he was going to keep it by his side, wherever he may go. Thanks MANCRATES!

    Oct 1st 2013
    Truly Original Gift

    This is such a great manly gift idea. My husband LOVED it and also thought it was unique. This is the type of gift you want to give someone who doesn't "need" anything. I would recommend to everyone.

    Sep 22nd 2013
    WTF (Wow That's Fantastic)

    So I purchased this item for my boyfriend serving overseas. I wanted it be a surprise for him. So it surprised him. He responded by saying, "Thank you so much babe, that was cool. I had a w.t.f. moment" Which I was glad because I just wanted him to smile and know that he was being thought of.
    Everything went as expected on my end, it was ordered and got there on time and it was a total surprise. I'm only sad that it didn't have some type of gadget that would take a picture and send it to me via email or something. That would have been a memory to keep, even though the memory will stay with him.

    Sep 16th 2013
    Perfect gift!

    I sent this gift to my boyfriend right before he headed out on a work trip. He is a director of photography and his days are long and he needs energy throught the day. This box was PERFECT! He loves each snack and says they are delicious! It was a longshot because I never heard of any of the brands listed. He raves about ManCrates to everyone and how awesome I am for getting him these awesome crates! :)
    This is the second crate I've sent and I'm so happy with the product! Thanks ManCrates!

    Sep 5th 2013
    Excellent delivery

    I presented this to my boyfriend for our anniversary. I'm a vegetarian and he's an avid steak lover needless to say I've put him through a lot of soy products. He loved it. He had difficulties opening the crate but it all worked out. He said the steak is amazing, no preservatives just pure goodness.

    Aug 26th 2013
    Perfect gift for My guy... Coach

    Bought this as a congratulations gift basket for my mans new job, it was a big hit and a nice addition to sprucin up his new desk!

    Aug 22nd 2013
    Loved it!

    Son LOVED this crate for his birthday! Something totally DIFFERENT for guys! No more fru-fru cookie baskets for him! Thanks, ManCrates!

    Aug 21st 2013

    I sent the Slaughterhouse crate to my good friend and he was thrilled about everything- the array and quality of jerky, the crate it came in, and the fact that he got to open said crate with a crowbar. I know I will order from ManCrates again, and I think I made a believer out of him as well!

    Aug 3rd 2013
    Best Gift Ever

    I received this from my nephew for my birthday. Best jerky I have ever tasted. I want more!

    Jul 11th 2013
    Great gift!

    We got this gift for my cousin who was newly stationed as an Marines officer in Quantico, VA. He literally said "WTH?" (in a good way) when the packaged arrived. It was a hit with him & his fellow servicemen, and arrived quickly & even in time for the 4th of July! Thanks mancrates!

    Katherine Degler
    Sep 22nd 2018

    Got this for my boyfriend for our anniversary, he loved it. He's been talking about getting one forever and was so excited when this came in the mail. But maybe put something happier on the front of the card other than out of all the people in the world at least one of them is thinking about you.

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