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    Nov 29th 2014
    Best Jerky Ever

    Sent this to my husband while he was deployed - he and his roommates agreed that it contained some of the best jerky they had EVER had. Fantastic selection and much enjoyed!

    Nov 27th 2014
    Hubby LOVED it!

    I was looking for a unique present for my husband and this really delivered! He was quite happy. And the delivery was so fast!

    Nov 26th 2014

    My husband really liked this fun and different gift!!!

    Nov 19th 2014
    amazing customer service!

    I am astounded by the customer service. I called because I recently shipped a package over seas, and I had a question. James not only answered my question, but noticed I didn't receive a military discount so went ahead and refunded me the amount! I didn't even ask for it! What company does that?! I will def tell everyone about them!

    Candy Lacount
    Nov 19th 2014
    Great Man Gift

    Sent to a very close male friend for his birthday. He loved it and was intrigued by what was in the box! He said the jerkey was awesome. I scored some great points. Thank you Man Crates.

    Nov 7th 2014

    Well, sent to the hubby who's away at training and he had to show it off to all his friends. Who are all jealous of him. Thanks :)

    Nov 6th 2014
    Manly anniversary gift!!!!

    Probably the best thing you can do for your true love as an anniversary gift. Forget ties and watches and whatever crap you "think" he'll like, this was for sure, by far, the best gift for him. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

    Oct 16th 2014
    Continuing the envied husband streak!

    During my husband's annual guys only trip, I had the Slaughterhouse Crate waiting when he arrived at the hotel. His friends and my male in-laws, as well as my husband, were so impressed and excited about the prybar; not to mention the awesome eats inside.
    I ordered the crate on a Thursday morning, and it got to my husband's hotel Friday morning. I couldn't be any happier with the customer service, quality of merchandise and packaging, or delivery. My husband and I are both looking forward to making regular gift purchases from Mancrates in the future!!

    Oct 8th 2014
    1st day at new job = win!

    i sent this to my husband for his first day at his new job, and it was such success! mancrates had it delivered the exact day he started, even though they had to delay their shipping date to do so.

    my husband went crazy for it.....thanks for getting me such great brownie points, mancrates!! your crates are always a homerun!

    Oct 2nd 2014
    Snacks + Crowbar = Happy Fiance =]

    Got this gift for my fiancé birthday today and he loved this gift! Got it delivered at his workplace and even though I wasn’t there to see his expression he texted me saying that this crate was the coolest thing he’s ever seen and that he didn’t know they made stuff like that! I think he’s favorite part of the gift was the crowbar! HAhaha!

    Sep 22nd 2014
    Birthday gift

    Fiance loved this gift! All our friends and family thought it was a very creative gift. They loved watching him struggle a lil bit with trying to open the crate with the mini crowbar ;) Wish the crate was slightly bigger for a better effect, but overall loved the design and the food included. A fun non-traditional gift!

    Sep 18th 2014
    Cincinnati Man of the Town

    my friends birthday is here and I am out of town and can't get him the manly gift that is necessary for Birthday happiness! Well, man crates came thru and he was happy and loved it! no ribbons, bows or flowers.
    Just man stuff shipped in a manly way!
    thank you!!!

    Sep 12th 2014
    Father loved it

    It's really tough to buy things for dad. This crate was great. He had never seen anything like this and was very engaged and excited to open it. Also great customer service. I fat fingered in the wrong address and I called in to correct it. The line was busy but I left a message and they called me back 10 min later to correct the mistake.

    Sep 10th 2014
    The Best!

    I purchased the Slaughterhouse Crate for my brother for his birthday. He loved it. The best part was him trying to get into it. It is not that easy which is good. Once he was in it, he was delighted to see the six packages of jerky and other snacks. He flies his own plane and he said it was perfect to snack on while he flies. I will order again at Christmas! Thanks!!

    Sep 2nd 2014
    Get-well gift

    Ordered this for my nephew after he had a screw put through the elbow he broke from over using his arm for baseball. He's a tough guy, and he needed a tough get-well gift! He had help opening it (of course,) but had a lot of fun doing it. He's enjoying the jerky while on his road to recovery. Would and will order again!

    Aug 30th 2014

    The crate is very cool and the food items are very nice. The only problem is that the crow bar is not strong enough to open the box. Even though; still cool gift!

    Aug 20th 2014
    Happy Dad

    My brothers and I sent this to our father for his birthday, what does a man with 3 grown sons, grand children and wife need, something that actually puts smile on his face well and some piece and quiet. He does not need any more things to collect dust, except now he has a crate to hide all his goodies from someone that would throw them away because they are not on the doctors diet! He loves the gift and knows that his boys understand him.

    Aug 18th 2014
    Just Because gift

    My husband travels often so I thought I would let him know how much I missed him. Plus there are times when he is so busy at work he skips lunch so I sent him the snack crate. He absolutely loved it. The best part was after having trouble getting it open he went online to get hints on an easier way in which he was told to try harder. So it gave him a good laugh as well as having fun prying it open. We just sent my father in law one for his birthday and we are anxiously awaiting his response.
    Great gift for guys to be sure.

    Aug 15th 2014
    Air Force Approved

    I sent this gem to my husband as motivation (he's been away for pilot training for the United States Air Force). When he saw the package he said that all the stress from training melted away. Him and his classmates couldn't stop smiling at the crowbar aspect of it, and they LOVED the jerky. This will be my go-to gift from now on! Genius!

    Aug 6th 2014
    About a birthday

    I got this for a dear friends birthday. He loved it! Since hes given up eating carbs the next best thing was meat! Watching him open it with the crow bar was even better, of course since hes a big guy it did not take long. Next time I will have it wrapped in duct tape. He felt really manly once he got it open, and the other guys watching wanted one of their own man crates. I know what I will be giving for gifts, thank you Man Crates!

    Jul 29th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate - Get Well Gift

    We bought this for my boss who was recovering from ACL surgery. He thought someone had sent him a "special" package from Colorado upon review of the duct tape wrapping. The abundant amount of protein was noted as being fully Beast Mode Compliant!!

    Lisa - College Park, MD
    Jul 28th 2014
    Has become the "COLLEGE MAN CRATE!"

    Sent it to my cousin's son as a graduation gift and had the duct tape "wrapping" added. First reaction was that it looked like a brick of "soda" and the first words out of the dad's mouth was, "the DEA better not knock on my door!" Second statement after finding out it was me (my cousin and I have that special kind of relationship) was, "oh - it's ON." LOL - mission accomplished Man Crates!

    Jul 17th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate..

    Got it for my husbands b-day. He loved it. Great gifts idea!

    Loren Rohal
    Jul 9th 2014
    Man Crates Rock

    I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! This is such a great gift idea for guys!

    Georgeanna Autrey
    Jun 30th 2014
    Man Crate

    I sent this to my To Be Son-In -Law and he has not opened it yet, He is a engineer and couldn't figure out how to open it. They are going to Face Time me when he does so it was worth it just to confuse him. going to order one for my other son-in-law

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