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    Feb 11th 2015
    Valentines Day

    So excited to give this to my boyfriend for VDay! He is SO hard to buy for, usually because he thinks things are frivolous and not necessary, but jerky is definitely different! I had to change the name to be ahipped to after the order was placed and Brian in customer service chatted with me on the live chat and fixed it right away! Thanks an ManCrates for your excellent customer service! Will definitely be back!

    Feb 11th 2015
    sent to family member

    When returning home they wondered what had been dropped on their porch. Everyone had fun opening the crate an finding what was inside. Win win

    Steed Towing Recovery and Repair
    Feb 4th 2015
    Received as a gift.

    I received this as a gift. This was one of the best gifts I've received. I work in a repair shop for vehicle's. I was sent this as a gift after fixing a gentleman's truck on the side of the road.

    Jan 30th 2015
    husband loved it!

    I ordered this for my husband as a congratulations gift for starting a new job. He called me so excited when he got it. Said he really had to pry it open.. it wasn't just a gimic. I would definately order from here again.

    Jan 28th 2015
    Coolest & Manliest of presents

    A box, nailed shut, that you have to open for delicious meat treats, PERFECT! His reaction: "Babe, this SO cool" as he is face-timing me, while trying to jam open the box with the crow bar. By far the most unique present I have gotten him so far. He loved all of the jerky flavors! Perfect present for our anniversary! Always hard to shop for him as he isn't into your run of the mill activities..dirt bikes, hiking, camping, video gaming guy--hard to find a present for. THIS surpassed all expectations. Man Crates has been recommended to all my girlfriends!

    Jan 24th 2015
    great gift, even better customer service

    I sent this crate to my brother who is stationed in Europe. I sent it for Christmas, however, my brother never received it. The crew at mancrates were so amazing and understanding that they sent out another crate to my brother. When he finally received it (because postal in Italy is SUPER SLOW).. He was so excited! Since then, he has become a customer and has begun sending crates to all of his friends. I look forward to sending more crates in the future.

    Jan 22nd 2015

    I bought this for my boyfriend when he got a promotion at work, since guys don't really like flowers. It was perfect! He absolutely loved it and all that it came with. It was my first order with the company, and I was so pleased that I told all of my girlfriends and now they're buying them for their guys. I am definitely going to order more in the future!

    RD Young
    Jan 18th 2015
    Great, Great, Great!

    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for a man who is hard to shop for. After agonizing over all of the different options(and lamenting because many that I wanted were sold out), I finally went with this crate. He was really amused by the crate and crowbar, and after a few minutes, opened it to find an array of "stuff." He took it home, and the jerky was gone. He said it was great, and although he was skeptical of some of the flavors, enjoyed them all. I'll definitely find a way to buy more of these! What I really want to see is an a la-carte crate--that would be super awesome. Regardless, I'll continue to purchase from you. Next time, I'll probably do the duct tape...

    Michael Beas
    Jan 16th 2015
    Your customer for life!!

    Jan 14 04:36 PM
    I wanted to let you know that my son received his Man Crate today!!! I was talking to him on the phone about a car purchase he is considering and his roommate says, "Oh yeah, you got a package today". So, he opens it while I'm on the phone and I can't tell you how many expletives came out of his mouth. From "what the h*** is this" to, "what? it comes with a crowbar?" My laughing brought me to tears listening to him open it. The timing was perfect. His response was priceless. Needless to say, he loved it. Thank you for helping me with this. I am eternally grateful.

    Your customer for life!!

    Jan 16th 2015
    Holy wow!

    I sent this as a surprise gift to my fiancé who will literally will go out and by what ever he wants or needs so he is really hard to shop for. It arrived two days after I placed my order which was awesome! (I also ordered him OSU Championship shirts which took two weeks) so to say I was pleased with the service was an understatement. When it arrived he was confused about what it was once he opened he was just like a kid on Christmas morning! He loved it! It was the best beef jerky he has had! All the items in the box were outstanding! The pre thought of note was hysterical! I was cracking up picking one to use! Definitely will be ordering again real soon as he has a birthday coming up!

    Jan 9th 2015
    Perfect gift

    I bought this crate for my 22 year old future son-in-law for Christmas. He absolutely loved it and could not stop raving about it. He thought it was really cool to use the crowbar. The beef jerky is so soft and delicious. Awesome Awesome gift!

    Debra Nelson
    Jan 7th 2015
    He loved it!

    My husband loved it. He is a very hard person to shop for, so when I came across this I knew I had to get it for him. He loves jerky and this is so much better then the stuff you by in a grocery store. I definitely recommend this product. He had fun opening the crate and I love the little crow bar.

    Jan 5th 2015
    Best present ever!!

    Got this for my hubby for Christmas. He was absolutely giddy about opening the crate with the little crow bar, and finding it stuffed with jerky was a Christmas wish come true!! Reccomend it for any jerky lover!!

    Jan 3rd 2015
    great man gift

    I have 5 men to buy gifts for 3 brother in laws, 1 dad and 1 father in law man crates was an easy answer to all my Christmas shopping questions. I found gifts that fit each one perfectly! This one was for my brother in law, he is a meat jerky junkie. He loved it and his fiancée loved it too! He was able to exercise his super man skills opening it, impressing said fiancée and had some awesome munchables for this time of year :) rave reviews he loved it and it worked out wonderfully! Thank you man crates!

    Jeffrey Kostich Sr
    Dec 31st 2014
    Sons Favorite Gift!

    I bought two of these crates for my 18 & 19 year old sons. What a fantastic gift! They loved the fact that they had to break into the crates with the provided crow bar. The jerky inside was fantastic! It was the most talked about gift between them and all their friends! What a high class gift, and what a high class company!

    Dec 30th 2014
    Very Impressed

    I was looking for a gift that was out of the ordinary and I found it with your product. The item arrived on time as described and my Father enjoyed the snacks. Thank you for providing such a great gift and making the ordering process so easy.

    Kristina King
    Dec 30th 2014
    My Son Loved it!

    My Son, saw I got my husband a mancrate for Christmas, and couldn't help but look up your website, to see what I ordered his Dad. I bought my husband the premium spicy crate. Little did my son know, but I ordered him the Slaughterhouse crate! They both had a blast opening them together on Christmas and sharing with each other. The best gifts!!!!!!!

    Dec 29th 2014
    Awesome product- even more awesome service!

    James helped me get my Mancrates after they disappeared from my apartment's front office. He helped make the stressful situation not as stressful. Thank you so much, James!! Both my father and my boyfriend LOVED their crates.

    judy Miller
    Dec 27th 2014

    What a cool unique gift. My husband loved it!

    Dec 27th 2014
    This is the best gift you could give!

    I got this for my fiance for Christmas. He loved it. There's something about prying the crate open that excited him so much. Definitely going to give this to other family and friends as gifts.

    Dec 26th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate

    Purchased this for my son-in-law for Christmas. So funny watching him "TRY" and get in it. Contents....... delicious!!!!!

    Dec 21st 2014
    My dad loves it. The best beef jerky mosit not dried out.

    I tasted it and liked the product very much.6

    Dec 19th 2014

    Sent these crates to the guys who work with my husband - they loved them !!

    Dec 18th 2014
    Husband loved it

    I didn't see the size of the crate but my husband LOVED everything in it. I will always use this website to buy for my male friends and family members. Especially for B-Days and Father's Day.

    Dec 17th 2014
    SlaughterHouse Crate

    This is the second slaughterhouse crate that I bought! After I got the first one for my Dad's birthday, which he loved, I realized these crates are great gifts, and delivery time is awesome. I bought the Personalized Barware crate for my boyfriend, and a second slaughterhouse crate for his brother. I plan on continuing to purchase these. (For ManCrates..if you could come up with a crate for a gearhead/sportbike/snowmobiler type...I will take 3 right away!)

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