Total puzzle time


You’ve been working on the puzzle box for this long. Hurry, get back in the game!

"Who is the original breaker of Chains?"

Hint: "ihuoidn"
(we've got you some letters to play around)


Puzzle Box FAQ

Q. What's this Puzzle Box?

Mystery, Problem Solving and Fun. From conquering these puzzles in the puzzle box and this app, you’ll be rewarded with something amazing.

Q. Do I have to use this app?

Yes! For Sure! Use It!

Q. Can I find the answers using a Google Search?

Everything you need to solve the box is within this app the package you received. If you get lost, check out the hints in the app. Google won’t really help you on this one.

Q. What’s Man Crates?

Man Crates brings people together through amazing gifts!