The most impactful gifts are the ones given in person, but with the pricey costs of airfare and the “mystery scents” of bus travel, most long-distance gift-givers have resigned to just shipping their gifts. That all changes with Man Freights, a revolutionary shipping service from Man Crates.

Man Crates has always designed unique gift experiences to bring people together emotionally, and Man Freights is designed to bring people together physically. With Man Freights, you can now cheaply and comfortably ship yourself!

How does it work?


Man Freights combines the cost effectiveness of ground shipping with the space efficiency of tiny homes to provide first-class comfort during your 2-3 business day delivery.

Simply select “Man Freights” as your delivery option when ordering your Man Crates gift, then find your way to our warehouse where you’ll be greeted with a warm smile, safety helmet, and glass of whiskey for the road. Once boarded up, you’re free to spend the next 48-72 hours as you please: meditation, cramped yoga, lonely karaoke, etc… until you’ve reached your destination. Talk about the ride of a lifetime!

Some of our favorite stories

Built for safety


We subjected our live test dummies to the most bizarre perils imaginable to ensure safety in all transportation situations. From snowstorms to sharknados, every crate arrives intact.

Designed for comfort


Every inch of this 16 sq ft cubi-condo was furnished for full swankiness and functionality. Fold down the dinner tray, thumb through the entertainment library, and make yourself at home!

Sealed for excitement


Upon delivery, the recipient will experience a rush of bewilderment, frustration, sheer hopelessness, and redemption when he eventually pries open his crate and finds his surprise!

mc story

The Smash ‘n Grab was the best gift for my picky husband, who can be difficult to shop for. He loved that it was a fun & interactive experience, AND that he could redeem it to get exactly what he wanted. I loved that I finally found a great gift for him. It’s a Win-Win! Thanks, Man Crates! Joy, Palos Verdes, CA


My husband is the king of the grill, so we surprised him with an early Father’s Day gift this year. My daughter picked out the Grill Master crate, and as an English teacher, I love a good pun, so couldn’t resist adding a Mount was even funnier in person! He couldn’t wait to open his gift, but it was hard to keep it all to himself, as “certain people” insisted on helping to open the crate! Jeni, Arvada, CO


Obviously I think my fiance is hot, and he also loves spicy food so I had to get him the Hot Sauce Making Kit for Valentine’s Day. The gift was a big hit -- especially the chemical resistant gloves and the recipe book. I’m a little afraid to try the results, but he’s going to have a blast making it! Ashley, Hermosa Beach, CA


Joey and Jason were inseparable in college, but when careers and family took them to opposite sides of the country, their time together grew few and far between.

“I really, really wanted to surprise him for his birthday…Man Freights made that possible.”

Jason jumped at the chance to surprise his best buddy by shipping himself to Joey’s doorstep in a Man Freight. And three days later, Joey couldn’t believe his eyes!

“Man Freights is definitely the best gift I’ve ever received. No one has ever done that for me.”