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Every guy has something that gets his blood pumping, and whether that’s casting fishing lines or cheering his team from the sidelines, we’ve got the perfect gift for him. Pick from our dream team of outdoor, sports, and hobby gifts to compliment the things he loves most.

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  • $49.99
    New Product
    Happy Go Pucky - Aside from competitive Rock, Paper, Scissors, there’s never really been a game that’s pushed a man’s finger dexterity to its limits… more . Until now. With the Portable Puck Shot Game, any guy can dominate his friends in a fast-paced bout of finger-firing, frenzied fun. less
  • $49.99
    New Product
    Put a Ring On It - It seems simple enough: just swing the metal ring onto the little hook. How hard could it be? Well, put it this way. Have you ever… more tried backpacking Mt. Kilimanjaro? Or winning a foot race against a Cheetah? We’d imagine it feels the same, but to be honest, we’re still working on hooking that ring. less
  • $39.99
    Keep it Briefs - Even tough guys like to be swooned. Blow his mind with this handsome pair of personalized boxer briefs, designed to fit comfortably… more in all the spots it counts most. less
  • $79.99
    A STRUGGLE OF SMARTS - Our Puzzle Box Gift Card captures the thrill of those adventure movies where a ragtag crew solves a series of intricate puzzles… more to escape the baddies and uncover the treasure. We couldn’t fit the spoils of Egypt’s last great Pharaoh into the box, but we think he’ll be equally delighted with what he eventually discovers. less
    "I got the Puzzle Box Gift Card for my son’s 17th birthday. It was a big hit! He worked the puzzle… more with his brother and together they were able to solve it in around 50 minutes. My son was also very pleased with the choices for which he could use his gift card. Would highly recommend for any puzzle lover." -Alana less

In the world of men, even sipping a beer and watching other athletes play sports counts as a hobby. If you’re looking for the ultimate sports gift for the athletically inclined or the major sports fan in your life, Man Crates is here to coach you to victory. Our selection of sporting gear and team merchandise is high on the list gift ideas for the sports fanatic, and we have gift crates for practically every sport and team. Whether he’s a golf or basketball lover, hockey fanatic or football fan, we champion the art of perfect sports gifts for men.