Crowler Gifts For Guys

Crowlers are an ingenious vessel for transporting the nectar of the gods (beer, duh) from your local microbrewery to your home. Now Man Crates is packing fantastic gifts into Crowlers. Why, you ask? Because we can...

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  • $24.99
    Snack It To Me - The 80s were totally whack, and the 00s don’t even have a real name. The aughts? It’s embarrassing. The 90s Snack Pack Crowler is… more here to tell those lesser decades to talk to the hand, cause the face ain’t listening... it’s still chewing. less
    "I sent this to my 23 year old son. He loved the packaging, and a lot of the candy included were… more among his faves from childhood... he absolutely loved it!!" - Connie less