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Crowlers are an ingenious vessel for transporting the nectar of the gods (beer, duh) from your local microbrewery to your home. Now Man Crates is packing fantastic gifts into Crowlers. Why, you ask? Because we can...

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  • $34.99
    New Product
    Time To Meat Up - Presenting the Meat Stick Crowler. The last time this much meat was packed into a tin can was that Super Bowl special featuring sumo… more wrestlers in a VW Beetle. (Still working on the punchline here. “This time it tastes way better.” Something like that.) less
    "I ordered a crate for my dad's birthday and he loved it! After opening, everyone started looking at… more the Man Crates site to see what crates they would want to have or send to others. I knew I had to check out Man Crates again for Father's day. I thought to myself 'Whats the Father's day equivalent to Mother's day flowers?' and this is it! I cannot wait for it to be delivered to my dad." - Jill less
  • $24.99
    New Product
    Meat Pie Charts - Did you know Americans consume over two million pounds of smoked meat a year? Neither did we. We were too busy barbecuing to look at… more dorky spreadsheets, which is how we know the Meat Smoker Crowler is the perfect grilling accessory for any man. less
    "I got this for my dad on Father’s Day this year. He really liked it, at first he thought I was… more joking when I told him HE had to open it. After a little struggling he was getting a little frustrated and I read him the instructions on the website ("Try harder") and it kicked him into high gear and he was so satisfied getting it open! Oh yeah and he really liked what was inside too." - Symone less

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No man has ever gotten an artful arrangement of fruit and said "Holy moly, it's exactly what I wanted!"