You Gotta Be Shipping Me: Introducing Man Freights


Man Crates is proud to announce our newest add-on service, Man Freights. We believe gifts should bring people together and strengthen the bond of love, friendship and appreciation. So we thought, let’s make gifts even better by literally bringing people together. We’re already experts at shipping awesome gifts in crates. Why stop there?

Packed with care.
First, we get you set up in a human-sized crate, inspired by the tiny house craze. You’ll enjoy all the comforts of home. Well, minus a few.

Shipped with love.
Once you’re on the truck, the serious “you” time begins. Reflect. Relax. Recline—slightly less than an airplane seat. The road can get bumpy, so we provide a complimentary shock-resistant helmet.

Delivered with a hug.
Imagine the look on your recipient’s face when the crate opens and you pop out! After a brief hug and a much-needed trip to the bathroom, you’ll share a gift-opening experience that will be brag-worthy for years to come.