Will Work for Bacon: Employee Appreciation Day at Man Crates

Behind The Scenes Food & Drink

Hard work deserves recognition. That’s why the inventors of lesser-known holidays designated this very day as Employee Appreciation Day. It’s dedicated to the dedicated men and women who put both the “work” and “force” in “workforce.” If your manager is too busy reviewing your TPS reports to remember to acknowledge your team’s efforts, drop an anonymous memo in his or her inbox. Do it now, and there might still be time for a catered lunch or happy hour. Even if you just get a simple pat on the back (in accordance with HR regulations), it’s nice to be noticed.

Fresh slabs of bacon + Man Crates Baconology Kit = 100% chewy breakfast bliss

We stepped up the prep with various spices and the easy-to-follow curing guide.

Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor.

Sliced nice and thick on none other than the Personalized Chef Pack cutting board.

Batter up! With the bacon starting to sizzle, it was time for our VP of Pancakery to start flapping some jack with a big assist from the Morning Glory Crate.

As the doughy, meaty aroma and the sounds of sizzling spread through the office, a hungry newbie managed a gleeful sneak peek.

Our fearless leader was piling it high with his trusty tongs, adhering to the old adage that the fastest way to employees’ hearts is through their stomachs.

The eatin’s were so good, our crack wordsmith was left speechless.

Our warehouse team took a well-earned break from the assembly line to jump in the buffet line.

The team will be sure to remember this when Boss’s Day rolls around.

In our office and warehouse, we celebrated in classic Man Crates fashion—with bacon. And there were also pancakes to serve as soft stomach pillows for all that bacony goodness. Feel free to borrow our idea for a belated brunch celebration at your place of business. Here’s how our Employee Appreciation Day went down.