Valentine’s Day Ideas for Connoisseurs of All Kinds


Valentine’s Day is upon us and so is the heretofore excruciating debacle of gifting your guy. Gifters of the world, excruciate no more! You’re the better half of an aficionado. A buff. A class act savant. And lucky for you, connoisseurs are some of our favorite types around here.

He knows what he likes. Scratch that. He knows what he loves. This fact alone makes your life approximately 857x easier—especially on Valentine’s Day. And because we like to wear capes around here, we’ve got V-Day gift ideas for your connoisseur LOCKED AND LOADED.

The Foodie Connoisseur

You know him.  You love him. You hear a rumble from down under ever 4.5 seconds. This man knows how to EAT, so how ’bout gifting him a little treat?

The Pizza Grilling Crate includes pizza stones, flour, herb blend, pizza peel, dough roller, and recipe book.

The Pizza Grilling Crate

In The Box

It’s Pizza Time!

  • 4 — 7.5″ Pizza Stones
  • Passione Pizza Flour
  • Pizzacraft’s Neopolitan Herb Blend

Backyard Pizzeria

  • Foldable Pizza Peel
  • 2-sided Dough Roller
  • Pizzacraft Pizza Recipe Book
The Sriracha Crate includes Sriracha spray bottle, spice grinder, pepper sauce, beef jerky, popcorn, and Sriracha peas

The Sriracha Crate

In The Box

Tongue Scorchers

  • Custom-Fit Sriracha Chili Sauce Spray Bottle
  • Sriracha Spice Grinder
  • Pain Is Good Fire-Roasted Green Srirach-AH Pepper Sauce

Zesty Pepperstorm

  • Country Archer Sriracha Beef Jerky
  • Sriracha Popcorn
  • Spicy Sriracha Peas

The Caffeinated Connoisseur 

Hopped up, bright eyed and unavailable to engage in any remote form of human interaction before his morning cup’a. Rituals are real. Time for him to get a MAN-SIZED upgrade.

The Caffiene Fiend Crate includes portable coffee grinder, french press thermos, clip spoon, and coffee beans

The Caffeine Fiend Crate

In The Box

Java Juicers

  • GSI Javamill Portable Grinder
  • GSI French Press Thermos
  • Spoon/Clip


  • Alpha Coffee Beans

The Old Smokey Connoisseur 

The shape, wrapper, color and sheen. The cutting, toasting and lighting. THE FLAVOR. He’s all in. Or so he thinks. Here’s the GEAR that’ll fan this smoke show into an inferno of AWESOME.

The Premium Cigar Humidor includes humidor, humidifier, hygrometer, cigar cutter, butane lighter, and tasting journal

Premium Cigar Humidor

In The Box

Moisture Manager

  • American Cedar Humidor
  • Humidifier
  • Hygrometer

Expert Smokeware

  • Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • Thunderbird Butane Lighter
  • Cigar Tasting Journal

The Handsome Connoisseur 

He’s pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, but until he finds out what that is…it’s merMAN.

The Clean Shave Crate includes badger brush, razor, blades, towel, oil, soap, and aftershave

The Clean Shave Crate

In The Box

Premium Goods

  • Silver Tip Badger Brush
  • Parker Razor
  • Pack of 5 Shark Chrome Blades
  • Shave Towel

Face Buffers

  • Imperial Pre-Shave Oil
  • Glycerine Face Soap
  • Bergamot Aftershave

The Boozy Connoisseur 

If his favorite pastimes include judging clearly inferior spirits in public without shame, look no further. The judge and jury are about to TOAST.

Whiskey Connoisseur Crate

In The Box

Our Lasers Take Time

Personalized items require 2 days of processing time.

Distinguished Gear

  • 2 Glencairn glasses
  • Personalized Whiskey Decanter (hand-made, may contain minor imperfections)
  • Whiskey aerator
  • 2 slate coasters
  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal

Luxury Grub

  • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts
  • salted pistachios
  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans
The Bloody Mary Crate includes straws, rim salt, glasses, seasoning, and tomato juice

The Bloody Mary Crate

In The Box

Gourmet Garnishes

  • Pepperoni Straws
  • Bacon Rimshot
  • 2 Infinium Plastic Pilsner Glasses

Flavor Foundation

  • Demitri’s Classic Seasoning
  • Demitri’s Horseradish Seasoning
  • Demitri’s Chilis and Peppers Seasoning
  • 6 Clamato Tomato Juice Cans

Not bad, huh? Nailing a kickass Valentine’s Day gift for your guy doesn’t have to be like trying to recite a soliloquy of Morse Code ever again. Awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for men really do exist! Now go forth in confidence and gift your connoisseur like you’ve never gifted him before.

Here we come to save the daaaay!