Treat Yo Chef: Cooking Gifts for Men


Anyone who knows anything about eating food knows…giving a gift that encourages cooking ultimately benefits their own belly. And cooking is infinitely more enjoyable in a fully swagged-out kitchen. So why not spring for a li’l somethin’ somethin’ for your favorite spatula-slinging man? Behold, our guide to the very best in kitchen gifts for the man in your life—whether he’s a pancake flipper or a full-on pro, we’ve got just the thing to get all that miseen place. Depending on how much cheddar you’re willing to throw down (three cheese wedges = expensive, one = inexpensive), we’ve got some seriously tasty picks for holiday gifts on deck. Bon appetit!

Three Cheddar Wedges

36″ Flat Top Mongolian Barbeque Range – $6,339
For guys who love hot-off-the-grill meals, it’s pretty tough to beat Mongolian barbeque. He picks his meats, veggies and sauces. They’re stir-fried before his very eyes on a large round range in a sizzling display of wonder. Then it’s all served up hot and delicious in mere moments. But there’s a way, albeit somewhat pricey and space-consuming, to top the traditional Mongolian barbeque experience: Bring it home. He’ll be a celebrity amongst carnivores across the county whenever he invites everyone over and fires up this beauty, which features a 1-inch thick cast iron flat top, three burners for optimum heat control and the ability to reach 650°F of meat-searing heat.

Le Creuset 26 Piece Complete Kitchen Cook and Bakeware Set, Flame – $1,149.99
Old, not-so-stainless steel pans are great for bonking clumsy home invaders over the head, but they’re less than ideal for preparing a 5-star, 5-course meal. This set from prestigious Le Creuset have an inner layer of cast iron, so they’re rugged and ready for the long haul. Get this set and let him cook with confidence—the main ingredient for any chef.

Shun Classic 2-Piece Carving Set – $249.95
Looking for something that slices steak with the precision of a hand-forged katana? The most kitchen-friendly option just so happens to be this stylish Japanese carving duo from the legendary knife makers at Shun. A must-have for any major meat enthusiast, this might be the most serious fork and knife on the market. Thinly sliced roast beast, anyone?

Two Cheddar Wedges

Sansaire Searing Kit – $159
For those moments when only the flavor of a flame will do, this pro searing kit is a home chef’s BFF. Designed for use with a sous vide or slow roaster, this torch really does the trick when it comes to adding a smoky, flavorful crust to anything you wanna cook. Seriously, we even charred a banana. Replacement eyebrows not included.

Hedley & Bennett Mr. Pepper Chef’s Coat – $139
Even if he can’t quite cook the part, he can definitely still look the part in this super-fly shortsleeve chef’s coat. Simple brass buttons give it that polished, kinda fancy vibe…so you know he’ll feel official. But really, who doesn’t love a guy in uniform when he’s cooking with bacon? It’s a win-win, really. Just don’t let him give you any Gordon Ramsay attitude.

Personalized Chef Pack – $119.95
Searching for a distinctive knife that slices the price of the aforementioned Shun carving set in half? The Personalized Chef Pack will make him feel like the king of the kitchen, with a knife and cutting board laser-etched with his first name, his family name or his pretentious chef nickname. There are also sharpeners to keep his knife on point and a box of Band-Aids for when he gets a little too ambitious chopping broccoli-heee. Look out, Emeril. There’s new competition rising through the amateur chef ranks.

Pasta Craft Crate – $99
Everything your carb-crazed home cook needs to celebrate all things gluten: From pro tools and pro tips to the most delicious supplies to make his own pasta like a Sicilian grandmother. He can saute his way through every possible combination of sauce and noodle in the Pasta by Hand cookbook, or just chill out and snack on some spaghetti. It’s cook your own adventure, really.

Drop Digital Food Scale – $99
Drop it like it’s…um, about to be precisely measured for optimum results? Meet the smart scale that’s making cooking a total no-brainer. The Drop Digital Food Scale syncs up just the right amount of this with that, taking some of the weight off the perfectionist chef’s shoulders. Mixing up a complicated cocktail or a difficult side dish? He can grab the ingredients and go for it. This little guy takes away all the guesswork.

One Cheddar Wedges

Meat: Everything You Need to Know – $24.49
Butchers are heroes. They deserve to be celebrated. None more than Pat Lafrieda, apparently. Pat has carved out a special place in the hearts of meat eaters with his tell all book, Meat: Everything You Need to Know. Mouthwatering photos? In there. Must-try recipes? 75 of them. A little meat philosophy? You bet. As advertised, upon reading the final page, there will nothing left for him to know about meat.

Baconology Kit – $19.99
Baconology is the study of bacon. While it may or may not be possible to receive an advanced degree in this subject, a guy can definitely put what he learns from this kit to good use throughout his life. This affordable, delectable gift includes Man Crates’ secret rub recipe, bacon cure, a hickory smoke bag, a detailed instruction manual and the incentive to chew on bacon for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and as a midnight snack.

Garlic Press & Slice – $19.95
Garlic: A gift from the gods. Unless you’re wasting a bunch of time smashing, peeling and mincing it. Then it’s basically the worst ever. Which is why you should totally pick up a garlic press for your favorite flavor-obsessed chef. He can spend more time making some killer sauces, and less time making a huge mess.

HiCoup Oyster Knife – $14.95
Need a gift that’s both classy AND cheap? Give the gift of kitchen swagger with this wooden-handled oyster knife. A bougie bargain, this “full tang” knife even comes with a sick pleather sheath so you can pretend it’s the tiniest sword of all time. En garde, oyster shells.

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