Throwing a Proper Backyard BBQ

Food & Drink

There’s truly nothing like a down-home, East Coast, backyard BBQ.

As much as I love living in California, I knew when my husband and I planned our summer vaca to my childhood home in PA that this would be the time to bust out my meat-and-more-meat love language and let it shine for all to see.

The first thing we planned was a BBQ centered around the Backyard Steakhouse Crate. Friends from near and far (Jersey and Colorado!) came to partake and we did what East Coast hooligans do best—broke all the rules.

My dad was inside tending to our corn on the cob when it was time to crack open the crate. My husband Keil, however, is no stranger to our Man Crates shenanigans and had his crowbar cranking in a heartbeat.

The spoils of the crate are not for the faint of heart—unless you’re like us and completely bypass the obvious bid for sweet, sweet steak and instead opt for hamburgers and hotdogs.

Here’s what’s in the crate:

  • Grilling Tool Set Includes:
    • Spatula
    • Tongs
    • Basting Brush
    • Tool Tote Bag
  • Rufus Teague Steak Sauce and Rub Set Includes:
    • Original Steak Sauce, 7 oz
    • Spicy Steak Sauce, 7 oz
    • Original Steak Rub, 6.2 oz
  • Black Denim Grilling Apron, 35″ Length
  • Wooden Safe Scrape Tool

As always, we were completely impressed by the high quality of the products. My dad was ESPECIALLY stoked that he’d get to keep all things BBQ for himself.

BBQ grilling at its finest

Keil and dad manned the grill, while the rest of us sat around taking stupid pictures, lamenting about how hot it was, and yet still practically sitting on top of each other because that’s what best friends living in three separate states do.

Dad and Keil cleaned out all the cobwebs and years-old goop from the grill the day before. Keil and I also went grocery shopping the night before at 10:30pm to prep for the big day—like you do.

It was all so worth it. Despite our choice to try out all the obvious steak equipment, sauces and spice on burgers and Hebrew Nationals, the meal was spot on.

What we loved

My friend Yvonne, who’s basically a really nice food snob because sister likes to cook, said, “The sauce was really good. The Original Rufus had a nice sweetness to it, thanks to raisin paste of all things. It was good on the burger, but you needed a lot of sauce because the bun soaked it up—perfect for a steak, which is what it was all intended for anyway.

The dry seasoning was OK on top of the burger, but would have tasted better if it was mixed inside. Again, it should work perfectly for a dry rubbed steak.”

I personally loved the grilling apron and tool tote bag. The black denim of the grilling apron is super thick and made navigating splatter a total non-issue.

Also, this is apparently what women look like when we’re hungry and not helping.

And this is what a 3-year-old and her dad who’ve got no cares in the world look like. You can’t tell from this photo, but the little one is secretly plotting how to steal everyone’s ice.

When I asked Keil what he dug about the tools as our resident grilling master, he said, “The spatula worked really well because of the razor-sharp edge. It made flipping the burgers a breeze. Even if the burger was stuck, the spatula got under it no problem.

The handles are long on all the tools, so it’s nice when you’re working with a hot grill.”

Here’s Megan modeling the famous quote, “Well-behaved women rarely make burgers.” Wait…that’s not how that quote goes.

All in all, despite the fact that we totally biffed the purpose of the Backyard STEAKhouse Crate, it proved to be yet another Man Crates favorite! Broken rules for the WIN.

Photo Cred:  Yvonne Valenza