Thaw-some Outdoor Activities for Spring

Hands On

Pull up a lawn chair and crack open a beer, ’cause the first day of spring is officially here. March 20 marks the first official day of the new season. In many areas around the country, temps are getting more temperate, fresh air is blowing through the windows, and pollen sweeping up noses. At Man Crates, we think spring calls for outdoor adventures and great memories you can create with family and friends. Like that time Uncle Joe took out a mailbox with his new tandem bike. Read on for some spring activities, and great gifts for men to make most of this season.

Take a hike

No, not like that. Please stick around and read some more. But when you’re finished, grab some hiking boots and a walking stick, and explore some wooded trails or a state or national park. What better way to enjoy warmer temps and blooming greenery than a little nature exploration? If you embark with daredevil guy who likes to veer off the beaten trail, you may want to hook him up with this little insurance policy.

Go Camping
Plan s’more outdoor activities at a campsite or in your own backyard. Right on the next-door neighbor’s property line. That’ll be the last time all-up-in-your-business Bob allows his birch tree to grow with reckless abandon into your yard. Birch, please. Help the resident chef cook up authentic campsite cuisine to make your domestic adventure seem like the real deal.

Three words: Spring. Patio. Bar. Crawl
Wait, four words. How many words are we holding up? Never mind. When the weather’s nice, a pub crawl will suffice. So, round up a crew for a bar crawl in your neck of the woods—patios only.

Don’t put all your Easter eggs in one basket
Yeah, actually, take one out and try to balance it on its end. Did you know that during the Spring Equinox, it’s possible to balance an egg? Find out what time of day your Spring Equinox is here.

Plan an April Fools’ Prank
Eggs-actly like we just pranked you above. Did you click on the link? Yeah, you can’t balance an egg on its end. Not even during the Spring Equinox, as the old myth goes. Here are some other ideas for pranks that are sure to catch someone off guard. No foolin’.

Trees and Thanks
Is it a coincidence that both Earth Day and Arbor Day are celebrated in spring? We think not. Join the party, and plant a baby tree in honor of Mother Earth (or find an organized group that knows how). You’ll get some fresh air, and some warm fuzzies all in the same day. And for the record—if you plant a tree in the woods, but no one hears it—it DID really happen.

Watch paint dry
Literally, you could. But we do have some better ideas. Spring is a great time to get started on those small household projects with big fumes that you’ve been putting off all winter. Now you can open the windows and let yourself, and your freshly painted off-white trim, breathe.

Learn Spanish
If you think Cinco Day Mayo means a non-buoyant jar of mayonnaise, you’ve got some work to do before May 5. Brush up on your Spanish vocab so you can talk the talk at that springtime Mexican fiesta. Make your outdoor party a savory, smash-hit by giving the macho muchacho a Jerky Piñata. Hang it from a tree and let your amigos have at it. (For best results: Don’t use the tree you planted earlier).