Snack Attack: What the Man Crates Team Eats on the Job

Behind The Scenes

All the time, customers ask us questions like, “What’s the snack situation like in the Man Crates office? Must be insane.” It is. Being a gift company that curates snack-packed crates, we’re nuts about all things sweet and savory. So as you might expect, our office is filled to the brim with the best snacks and hungry mouths. Candies, jerky and the odd oyster here and there. We gathered up our staff and asked them what their favorites are to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the snacks the snack experts prefer.

Worky jerky
The obvious first answer is jerky. We love jerky so much we have a wall full of special select dried meats ready for the taking. From bite-sized exotic meats to big slabs of bacon, here at Man Crates, we take our jerky seriously. Looking for a mid-morning snack? Jerky. Want to punctuate lunch? Jerky. Need a pick me up for that late-afternoon conference call? Jerky. Some members of our team have even gone so far as to hide stashes of these dried delights all over the office. Alex and Brittany are the munchie mavens who often lead lucky visitors straight to their stashes.

The coveted candy crate 
After having our fill of jerky, many turn to the desk at Merchandising where a crate of candy sits, just calling out for passers-by to indulge. Filled with assorted chocolates, hi-chews, and the occasional pocky, our special candy crate is the perfect addition to the office. As seen here, Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the treats du jour. No truth to the rumor that Chase, one of our creative folks, once used a Laffy Taffy as the secret ingredient in his personal Gin-Fusion recipe.

The candy crate itself also has some magical tendencies. Whenever we’re low on candy, and lament the loss of our bad habit, the next day, the crate has seemingly regenerated its stock of sweets. Now, we’re unsure if there’s a candy wizard hanging out somewhere in the ceiling, or if one of our fellow team members has a huge heart. But either way, we get candy. So, win-win all around. And just to avoid candy catastrophe, there’s a mini candy crate on our reception desk. You know, something for the ride home.

Also receiving several votes for best sweet is Smash Mallow. They’re delicious marshmallow cubes that come in clever flavors, such as Mint Chip and Cinnamon Churro.

Nutritious and delicious
We’re not completely unhealthy, despite what you might think. A large number of us do enjoy one or two vegetables once in a while. Our favorite veggie snack are these handy packets of freeze-dried Cruncha-ma-me edamame beans with with jalapeno flavoring. (Did you really expect us to eat these without some sort of spice?) Good luck searching for other vegetables inside our cabinets, though. There is one guy who brings carrots, broccoli and cucumber slices. No one asks him to share.

There’s always that one guy whose tastes are a little bit on the rich side, quite possibly rivaling the wealth of the Queen of England, but we digress. As our Creative Director Garrett suggested, “Oysters are pretty good too, preferably on the half shell, but also smoked and in a can will do in a pinch.” (I guess one could skip work for a day and go out hunting for this perfect seafood snack, too.) Wash down that can of smoked oysters with a nice prime rib and a Zin from Dry Creek, you fancy pants, you.