Smash & Grab Meet & Greet: Xtreme Xperience

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Since the early days of motor vehicles, when Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built the first steam-powered auto capable of human transportation and Karl Benz developed the first car powered by an internal combustion engine, man’s passion to harness horsepower and drive like crazy has been no joke. The desire to go fast enough to achieve cheek-rippling g-force is undeniable. Cars and speed hold special places in the hearts and imaginations of men, whether dreaming of Tokyo Drifting or Cannonball Running. Even if he’s more Ricky Bobby than Paul Newman, the need for speed is in his soul. And Xtreme Xperience, a Smash & Grab Gift Card partner, is just the place to feed that need.

Go, speed racer
Xtreme Xperience offers real cars and real racetracks to anyone looking to “xperience” the heart-pounding and moderately nauseating allure of going really fast. Their arrive-and-drive supercar program allows gearheads to drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and other drool-inducing supercars on genuine racetracks around the U.S. without breaking the bank.

Founded by a group of car enthusiasts who wanted to make the world’s finest exotic cars accessible to those not blessed enough to be born into the Andretti family, Xtreme Xperience invites thrill-seekers to burn rubber and drive some of the world’s most exclusive cars. With professional drivers and instructors to help build confidence along with RPMs, XX will help drivers make some magical memories, just like Lindsay Lohan did with Herbie. Well, not quite, but that’s for the better, isn’t it?

XX hosts 20+ racing events at 15 racetracks around the nation plus their full-time location in New Orleans (new cars and more tour stops are coming soon). They use a safe and educational approach to ensure that drivers will be terrified only by the amount of adrenaline pumping through their bodies. Who knew it could get that high?

Smash, but don’t crash
Sometimes the best gift to buy the man who is hard to buy for is the kind that makes memories and a bit of a mess. The Smash & Grab Gift Card, a one-of-a-kind gift for men, comes encased in concrete with a hammer and safety goggles. The gift card inside can be redeemed at one of 16 brands we’ve partnered with to provide the smasher with several “solid” options. Xtreme Xperience, one of those options, lets him cash the card in for a very fast ride that will make him anything but furious.

Get outta my dreams, get into their cars
Even Billy Ocean knew that getting into the right car can be life changing. XX’s epic driving experiences definitely fall into that category, and they’re easy for any lucky Smash & Grab recipient to arrange.

Want to dig a little deeper? Steer your way over to Xtreme Xperience and rev up your gift card game with Smash & Grab.