Smash and Grab Meet and Greet: Mizzen+Main

Behind The Scenes

It has often been said that clothes do not make the man, but something about James Bond sitting at a bar wearing cargo pants and sandals doesn’t seem right. We are all prone to first impressions, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a well dressed man steals the show, with his clean cut hair and polished leather shoes. And that’s why, when choosing our partners for our Smash & Grab gift card, we thought it was important to include an option for the guy who’s looking to clean up his closet. And that’s where Mizzen+Main comes in, with their “performance savvy menswear” and enough sleekness to make Johnny English jealous.

The Sweaty Beginning
Mizzen+Main was founded by Kevin Lavelle in 2012 after a coworker stormed into a meeting, late and sweat-soaked. Seeing the appalling state of the human squeegee sitting in close proximity, he noticed how much moisture the poor dude’s shirt had retained, and also how wrinkled and disheveled it looked after the sweat had dried. So like Batman and other superheroes before him, Kevin knew something had to be done to rid the world of this perspired injustice. Realizing the utility of the moisture-wicking athletic apparel that was making its sweat-resistant mark on the world, he started testing thousands of fabrics to create a dress shirt with the same capability. And create it he did. Fast forward a few years and this visionary company has a menswear lineup that Joe Montana and his sweaty footballers would be proud of. From dress shirts to henleys to slacks, Mizzen+Main is doing its part to keep the men of the world dry and wrinkle-free. And while we mostly worry about jerky and booze, there’s no denying the need for clothing of this caliber in our closets.

American Pride

Another major point that made Mizzen+Main a no-brainer as one of our Smash & Grab partners is the fact that they produce all of their products in the United States. Yes, you read that right. This great company made it a point to stay in the greatest nation on Earth, where sweat and patriotism occur daily. So every time one of their dress shirts is buttoned, or slacks zipped up, don’t be surprised if you hear the faraway cry of a bald eagle crooning the national anthem. And not only are they’re strictly American-made, but they’re also generous supporters of the brave men and women that serve this glorious nation with a portion of every sale being donated to a veteran foundation.

Something to Sweat About
Deciding to partner with Mizzen+Main was easy, but redeeming the gift card there is anything but—in a good way. What good would moisture wicking fabric do if there wasn’t something to sweat about? With a cement-encased card and all the necessary tools to bust it open, our Smash & Grab gift card is the perfect way to get some beads of perspiration rolling down his forehead. Nothing leads to sweat and wrinkles like frustration, and we provide just enough of it to make this fun for both the gifter and the giftee. After the hard work is over, he’ll have to chance to buy some new duds that’ll keep his armpits dry and his chest puffed up in wrinkle-free pride.