Smash and Grab Meet and Greet: Kuju Coffee

Behind The Scenes

Science tells us that coffee is very good for us: Studies have shown that it improves different aspects of brain function, including memory, mood, energy levels and general cognitive function. And since science is never wrong, it’s clear that increased coffee consumption is the right way to go. But in a time when everything seems to be going faster, taking the time to stop and, well, smell the coffee, seems almost impossible. Enter Kuju Coffee, a Smash & Grab Gift Card partner that not only supplies coffee, but the motivation to slow down and enjoy it, anywhere, any time.

Rehydrated granules? No Sanka you
Kuju Coffee’s ready-to-brew drip coffee doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience, and vice versa. Their Pocket Pourover filter contains fine, small-batch roasted coffee that is both mobile and mouthwatering. Coffee can be brewed on-the-go or not-so-on-the-go, making a tasty cuppa possible no matter where you set the cup.

Like any good Scout, the founders of Kuju Coffee (yes, both Eagle Scouts) were looking to improve the world. At least by way of improving the coffee drinking experience. One morning in Red Rock Canyon, after brewing another subpar cup of poison-flavored instant coffee, the two brothers wondered why drinking portable coffee couldn’t be as satisfying as drinking the fresh-brewed, quality stuff.

They thought there must be a way, and they were determined to find it. They were also determined to remind the world that stepping back and slowing down isn’t necessarily bad, that instant gratification isn’t always so gratifying and that waiting just a little longer for something better is worth the wait.

After some brewing experimentation, they created the Pocket PourOver, a ready-to-brew filter that anchors to a mug, allowing a tasty brew to happen anywhere—at home, on the trail, in the car, on a boat, in a house, with a mouse, while reading Dr. Seuss or while running from a moose (not advised). And it’s ready in under 5 minutes. Not necessarily instantaneous, but something you will love instantaneously.

Full of beans
Indeed, a good slug of the mug will lead to higher spirits and joy. But that’s not just from drinking it, at least where Kuju Coffee is concerned. Not satisfied with just providing delicious coffee (see previous note about Eagle Scouts and their ethics), they also want to make a difference, so they employ “conscious sourcing,” seeking out the highest quality beans while still ensuring the wages paid to farmers help them create a fruitful life. They also donate 1% of sales to the National Park Foundation. Not all coffee fiends are fiendish.

Smash in case of fatigue
Even the heartiest of men find, at times, that the ability to get up and go has gotten up and gone. Nothing combats a lack of energy better than smashing something. Or drinking coffee. Or smashing something that results in the ability to drink coffee. The Smash & Grab Gift Card, a one-of-a-kind gift for men, comes encased in a concrete brick and can be redeemed at one of 15 brands we’ve partnered with, including Kuju Coffee. After obliteration, the lucky smasher can look forward to tasty rejuvenation courtesy of Kuju.

Joe, dirt, mud, go juice, whatever you call it, Kuju Coffee will help you take it on the road or onto the couch. Pick up a Smash & Grab gift card and give him the option to enjoy some of the best, and most Eagle-Scout-approved, cupped lightning around.