​How to Make Your Shark Week Party Totally Jawesome


Certain Man Crates team members get pretty geeked about Shark Week. Some chose shark as their underwater alter-ego. And one of us even has a different shark-centric outfit for every day of Shark Week. So we feel more than qualified to help you turn the rest of the week into a frenzy of fun and excitement with quick tips for a fin-tastic watch party.

Whether you have plans to gather a herd (or gam, frenzy, school or shiver) of finheads for a deep dive into Shark Week programming or you’re just watching with your shark-loving significant other, why not make a thing of it? Here’s a small boat load of shark party ideas that’ll help ensure that your celebration goes swimmingly…

Carve up a killer fruit platter.

Set up a snack attack.


Let them sink their teeth into fresh seafood.


Serve a signature shark-tail.

Blue Sharkarita
What to use:
2 oz Heradura Silver Tequila
1 oz Triple Sec
½ oz Blue Curacao
½ oz margarita mix
1 lime
½ lemon

How to use it
Squeeze lime and lemon into a shaker and add tequila, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and margarita mix. Shake well pour over ice and garnish with lime slice. PRO-TIP: Use a shark fin ice mold to make it look like little sharks are swimming around in your cocktails.

Satisfy those sweet teeth with a bloody good dessert.


Encourage fierce accessories.


Hang up razor-sharp decor.

Like everyone else, we felt duped when Michael Phelps didn’t race a real great white in the Shark Week kickoff event. And we miss the good ol’ days when a popular TV personality, like Craig Ferguson, would host Shark Week and swim with the sharks. But we’re not drowning in disappointment. There are still plenty of shows that will get the adrenalin pumping. And if not, we’ve got some go-to shark movies to come to the rescue. Here are the Discovery Channel sharkumentaries that should have diehard shark lovers chomping on their fingernails.

Sharks and the City: L.A.: Sharkopedia Edition (7/27 8:00 PM ET)
Find out why great whites are chilling in L.A. more and hunting out of season.

Return to the Isle of Jaws: Sharkopedia Edition (7/28 8:00 PM ET)
See scientists explore why a certain spot in Australia is popular hangout just for male sharks.

Lair of the Sawfish (7/28 8:00 PM ET)
A team of experts tries to bring the crazy, chainsaw-faced species from extinction.

Shark Vortex: Sharkopedia Edition (7/29 10:00 PM ET)
Watch a crew invade the personal space of some of the most dangerous shark species in New England.

Shark Mania (7/29 11:00 PM ET)
Basically a “best of Shark Week 2017” condensed down to one hour.

While the hungriest of shark fanatics will bite into over-the-top, schlocky, CGI-filled flicks like Jersey Shore Shark Attack and the Sharknado series, they know the real chum is floating with these all-time classics…

3. The Shallows

Surfing by yourself is never a great idea. Especially in shark-infested waters. A very diligent great white makes the mistake of obsessing over the wrong prey, turning a very resourceful Blake Lively into Blake Deadly.

2. Open Water

Have you ever been swimming deep in the ocean. Away from a boat. At night. We haven’t either. But the couple in this movie have. Not knowing the danger that’s lurking all around them brings a wave of terror over the audience in this tense story based on true events.

1. Jaws

Though one of our resident shark lovers called this Oscar® winner “boring” because the shark didn’t get enough screen time, this is still far and away the most terrifying shark movie ever made. There’s great acting, a ton of suspense and a realistic animatronic shark that will give you and Chief Brody nightmares for life.

Feel like leaving the habitat to have some shark-themed fun? Head out on the town and hit these cool spots…

Check out a coastal aquarium – See a real, live shark or two. Here’s a list of the biggest aquariums in the world.

Swim up to your local watering hole – Look around for bars that are showing Shark Week and go to where the party is already going on.

Take your chum with benefits out on a sharky date – Start it off with a gift, like a shark-themed bouquet, cool fishing gear or a prehistoric megalodon tooth. Then make reservations at a fine seafood restaurant. Of course, finish it off with a stroll on the beach. Just don’t go skinny dipping by the buoy off of Amity Island.

Since the fin-tastic festivities are already underway, there’s no time to waste. But if you miss out, just live every week like it’s shark week. We do…