Secret Stash: The Best Way to Hide Personal Items


Hiding things around the house is a challenge. Everyone looks under the mattress. Pulling up a floorboard requires rigorous pulling. Burying something in the backyard is just dirty. But now, with the Secret Stash Book Collection, exclusively from Man Crates, there’s an easy solution for keeping those pocket-sized valuables out of sight, yet conveniently within reach.

These books are cleverly titled vessels of subterfuge that come hollowed out with a special gift inside. Choose from a trio of convenient inner-book-sized gift options:

Secret Stash Folding Knife

Secret Stash Personalized Knife

Secret Stash Personalized Flask

You also have the option to choose your fictitious fiction or nonfiction book, complete with a dust jacket that really sells the illusion.

Everyone knows thieves don’t like to read. Your bookshelves are the last place they’ll look when attempting to quickly fill that burlap sack draped over their shoulder. So let your guy keep his personal effects unaffected, safe and secure with Secret Stash.