Man Crates Holiday Gifts

Panic-Proof Your Shopping: A Man Crates Holiday Gift Guide


We’ve all been there. The holidays are breathing down your neck, time is running out, malls make you want to cry and you still have a bunch of people you need to buy gifts for. No judgement here. Only suggestions. And, boy, do we have suggestions. Whether you’re looking for something for your favorite BBQer or your best drinking buddy, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite holiday gifts and prepare for the praise that’s sure to roll in for being the most awesome holiday gift-giver ever. Even though that’s not what gift-giving is about. It’s still a nice-to-have.

Get more jolly in your holly
Here’s something you may not know about holiday shopping: it can kill you. Well, perhaps nothing that drastic, but it can have some serious physical effects on the body. Studies have shown that heart rates tend to increase by 33% during Christmas shopping adventures. Know what else makes your heart rate increase that much? Running a marathon. Are you in that good shape? Even if you are, do you want to run a marathon while hauling around shopping bags filled with Christmas stuff? Didn’t think so. Guess what else holidays can do to you. Get you kind of depressed.  No good. Know what doesn’t get you depressed? These awesome holiday gifts.

Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0
German philosopher and scholar Friedrich Nietzsche knew what he was talking about when he said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Granted, he frequently knew what he was talking about, but in this instance he was really on. Anyway, just imagine the things old Friedrich could’ve done with his life had he been able to bring his jams along with him as he philosophized. Had he been given an Ammo Can Speaker, he really could’ve been something. This speaker is waterproof and portable, it looks good, sounds even better and will turn its owner into a brilliant philosopher. And if that last bit doesn’t happen, he won’t care because he’ll have made his own speaker that he can take anywhere, and that’s pretty good, too.

Pit Master Crate
Meat is good food. Statement of fact. But meat can be the most awesome of foods when it runs into a barbecue king armed with a Pit Master Crate. It’s got sweet, it’s got heat, it’s got claws and a pot for sauce, it’s got gloves and other tools that don’t rhyme with gloves. Any cut of meat would be proud to know that it was being handled by and flavored with the best in barbecue gear. Well, figuratively speaking, that is. But BBQers will be quite literally excited to show off their meat-wrangling prowess with this fancy and flavorful new barbecue booty. Talk about a happy holiday.

Personalized Chef Pack
Maybe you know someone who loves to cook. Perhaps that same person also has crummy cooking knives or knives that keep getting swiped by other friends who also love to cook. If that’s the case then you’re in luck. The Personalized Chef Pack not only has a cooking knife, cutting board and a sharpener, but it can also be personalized to prevent sticky fingers from acting sticky. Got a friend who’s still learning the cooking ropes but could use a quality knife? No problem—this beauty also comes with a box of bandages should any slip-ups occur. Bonus: Giving a laser-etched and classy gift like this will surely get you invited you over to eat a home-cooked dinner, and who doesn’t love dinner?

Dutch Oven Kit
A Dutch oven is neither an oven nor a Dutch invention. Once your mind ceases being blown by those statements, consider this: Who cares? Regardless of its origin story, the Dutch oven is a seriously versatile cooking implement. It also makes for an excellent nature-adventure accessory. No longer shall the intrepid outdoorsy types have to turn to hard, cold, flavorless foods for sustenance! The days of denying oneself of deliciousness—and all of the creature comforts—while communing with nature are over. The Dutch Oven Kit makes stews, porridge and jambalaya possible while out in the wild. It also comes with a cookbook, should the recipient not know how to make stews, porridge or jambalaya (and some other stuff). Roughing it doesn’t need to be so rough after all.

Gin-Fusion Kit
Gin can get a bit of a bad rap, especially the homemade variety. But well-crafted and cared-for gin can be a revelation of the highest sorts. The Gin-Fusion Kit has all the equipment and ingredients to make an excellent DIY spirit. The kit contains the key to all gin recipes—the beloved juniper berry—but also includes a nice spice selection so your favorite moonshiner can put his own spin on the gin. Bonus! The kit also comes with two science-class-looking bottles to add even more excitement and mad-chemist mystique to gin making.

Exotic Meats Crate
Technically speaking, jerky is meat that has been cut into long strips and dried to prevent spoilage. Sexy. This description, however, belies the true magic of jerky. Especially if we’re talking about jerky made from exotic meats, which is exactly what we’re talking about here. Now don’t get us wrong, regular jerky is nothing to scoff at. But throw some gator or elk into that meat-preserving game? You’ve entered jerky heaven. The Exotic Meats Crate, with its buffalo and wild boar and other unusual critters—all of which are delectably, delightfully spiced—promises some serious beast feasting for its recipient. Thinking a crate is too much meat for some of your friends? A., you have some friends who need to work on their meat consumption, and B., that’s no problem! The Exotic Meats Jerky Cane contains a little less of most of the same wild beasts and arrives in a Christmas candy cane, making it extra festive for the season.

Pizza Grilling Crate
Did you hear about the Italian chef that passed away? His legacy became a pizza history. That’s a terrible joke. Surely pizza deserves much better than that. Luckily, there’s the Pizza Grilling Crate to appropriately honor the fine institution of pizza making. We all know the secret to making a delizioso pizza is in the crust—nothing is worse than a soggy and soft crust. The best way to avoid such a thing is with fire. Of the contained-on-a-grill variety, of course, but fire all the same. The crate comes with four cordierite baking stones that will turn any grill into a fiery pizza-making machine. The crate also includes flour, an herb blend and recipe book so your favorite pizza chef can experiment and unleash that pizza passione onto the world!

Smash & Grab Gift Card
Some people can be extra hard to buy a present for. Now there’s nothing wrong with being particular, but it does present some challenges for you, the kindly gift buyer who just wants to make friends and loved ones happy. Enter the Smash & Grab Gift Card, which can not only be redeemed with a number of our extremely cool partners, but it also comes in a concrete brick that must be smashed into oblivion to release the gift card trapped inside. Whatever their tastes—whether their idea of a good time is a wild night in or an extreme outdoor adventure—Smash & Grab has you covered and gives them exactly what they want. Plus, smashing. Win-win!

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