Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: “The Let the Love Flowchart”


There are so many ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day. Writing a heartfelt poem—not a haiku—that includes a rhyme with your sweetheart’s name. Returning to the scene of your first date. Throwing on a trenchcoat stand outside the window and blasting “In Your Eyes” on a boom box. Can’t really go wrong if you put in a little thought and creativity. You’ve also got a bevy of options when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for men. We’ve got you covered here. Check out our flowchart and let it guide you togifting greatness.

You’re now ready to choose your gift wisely…

Help him get deeply involved with our project kits.

If meat is the way to his heart, go with a jerkygram.

Show your passion with the firepower of an ammo can.

Give him a grilling crate sealed tight with love.