Nick Offerman and Man Crates: A Partnership Carved in Woodworking Heaven

Behind The Scenes

To create a thing with one’s hands—to experience the satisfaction of making something tangible. This is one of life’s great pleasures. Nick Offerman is known to many as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, but known to Man Crates as the skilled creator of handmade wood projects and founder of Offerman Woodshop. He understands the allure of making something out of nothing and knows well the joy of exercising brain and body, of concentrating, lifting, hacking, perhaps cursing, sometimes failing, and finally coming to a completed product of the utmost quality. The undeniably satisfying reality of work made by hand, whether it be carved spoon or planked canoe, is something that we appreciate as much as Mr. Offerman, which is why we collaborated with him on our signature line of Offerman crates that also happen to be some of the best woodworking gifts for men.

Great minds, etc.
When people put their minds together, they can make any alibi convincing. They can also create some genius partnerships. What would Laurel be without Hardy? Starsky without Hutch? How satisfying would chips be with no salsa, mashed potatoes with no gravy? It is in the mix of these elements that greatness is truly achieved. And it is the collaboration of Man Crates and Nick Offerman that has resulted in some awesome woodworking gifts.

Before becoming an award-winning actor and author of three New York Times best sellers, Offerman helped make ends meet by building things. And he hasn’t stopped. His Offerman Woodshop is a makers collective that produces pinball tables and dining tables, benches and beds, using grit and elbow grease to create handcrafted masterpieces every man of substance can appreciate. It was a no-brainer to partner with this consummate man and woodworker to create our signature woodworking crates, which are as much fun to give as they are to receive.

Hammer time
Office work is bad for you. Making things is good. There are lots of things that can be made with the Whiskey and Woodworking Crate, of both the woodworking and whiskey-ing variety. This masterpiece includes a wooden mallet and chisel, a denim apron and a copy of Offerman’s Good Clean Fun, which includes tales of woodshop fun as well as some odes to wood and instructions for at-home projects. Then there’s the whiskey-related portion of the haul. Two whiskey glasses and Offerman Woodshop coasters make this crate the best gift for men who are familiar with the joys of both whiskey and woodworking.

An axe to grind
Part tool, part weapon, an axe is as versatile as it is alluring. Whether needing it to shape or split wood, to harvest timber or to protect oneself during the apocalypse, having a sharp axe is essential to getting the job done. The Personalized Camp Axe Crate features a Hudson Bay camp axe with a curved hickory handle and steel head and can be personalized to deter sticky fingers from getting grabby. It also comes with a Moteng Dual-Grit sharpening stone to ensure effective chopping. The crate also comes with a copy of Good Clean Fun, the ultimate resource for mastering the art of carpentry.

Self-satisfaction guaranteed
Anyone who has ever picked up an awl or axe, a block plane or bench chisel, knows the intrinsic satisfaction in manual work and the responsibility they have to the work itself. Craftsmanship is its own reward. Building something from scratch is its own badge of honor. Together, Nick Offerman and everyone at Man Crates salutes the perfect-it-yourselfers in every studio, workshop and woodshop. They’re the handmade wooden chairs that keeps this world rockin’.