Movie Night with Hollywood Legends & The Wine Country Picnic Pack

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My family and I hit up Hollywood’s infamous Cinespia Saturday evening for a screening of the 1979 classic Alien—and of course, to wine and dine with the dearly departed.

With our Wine Country Picnic Pack and sense of adventure in tow, we showed up way too early and parked on a side street to have our very own photoshoot. When in Hollywood, people.

This bike doesn’t belong to us, but that never stops a photo op, does it? My husband loves all things vintage, dapper, and fashion, and when we got our tote in the mail from Man Crates, we genuinely couldn’t believe how cool it is.

Why the Wine Pack is awesome & what’s included

First of all, it’s waxed canvas. Standing ovation. We were especially stoked to see the easy access snaps (hidden underneath the exterior design of the front-facing buckles) and velcro side pocket for ease of removing and replacing our wine bottle.

Here’s what comes with the bag:

  • 2 Stemless Acrylic Glasses
  • 1 Bottle Stopper
  • 1 Folding Corkscrew
  • 1 Cutting Board with Extendable Legs
  • Pocket Wine Journal, Recycled Paper
  • 5 Towelettes, Road Spill on the Go Stain Removal

It is a SHINING example of fashion meeting function. Though the strap came in the form of a tote, my husband easily converted it into a backpack.

Here’s the easy how-to for backpack converting!

Oh, and did I mention that the tote is insulated and can hold TWO bottles of wine? Picnic par-TAY!

The portable acacia table has mini metal folding legs to elevate your chow out of ant territory and the wine glasses are stemless and acrylic. The towelette pack, personally, put my mind at ease when I looked around at our bounty and said, “Crap. We forgot napkins.” Have no fear, Wine Country Picnic Pack is here!

The removable velcro bases are another fantastic feature both for cleaning the inside of the bag and for those (rare) occasions of swapping out your beverage of choice for a ton of food.

What It’s Like to Dine with the Dead

Back to this whole thing about dining with the dead. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is basically the coolest place on the planet to experience cinematic magic WITH some of the people who made Hollywood what it is. I mean, we literally walked passed Johnny Ramone’s headstone when we first arrived to hunt down our spot. AND one of the writers of Alien was actually there for the screening!

When it came to our viewing set up, while everyone else had blankets and low chairs to sit on, we had an air mattress. Literally all of our neighbors were congratulating us for having such a good idea and commenting on how that’s what they’d do next time!

We brought diced pepperoni, smoked gouda, mozzarella and Moscato. I’m not a wine drinker, but discovered on our Honeymoon in Greece that I LOVE dessert wine. It was perfect for our evening with Sigourney.

Our neighbors next to us also had a wine and cheese set up, but frankly, we were killing it with this tote. Every single piece made the entire process so easy and user friendly—even with a 10 year old and two 30+ year olds who kept tumbling around on bouncy ground!

The bottle top opener has a super snazzy design that makes it near impossible to pop your cork and take out someone’s eye. This was a definite plus in our shoulder-to-shoulder scenario.

Fancy, right? We packed a separate bag of all-ages snacks, but our wine tote (and an ice pack) kept all our meat, cheeses and wine nice and chilled.

If you’re thinking of grabbing a Wine Country Picnic Pack for a guy in your life, DO IT. Seriously. It’s worth its weight in wine, cheese, AND gold. If we busted it out around Hollywood royalty, you can bust it out ANYWHERE.