Yay, Us: Man Crates Wins Best Video Ad Award

Behind The Scenes

We don’t normally like to pat ourselves on the back. It’s a good way to sprain an elbow. However, when it involves our satisfied customers, we can’t help but show a little pride. Recently, we were legitimately surprised to take home the 2017 Digiday Award for Best Video Ad. We like to think we have solid creative chops, but we’re definitely the “little guy” compared to other finalists such as Adult Swim/PlayStation Vue, The Foundry/Western Union, Somthing Massive/Plum Organics and Ayzenberg Group/Xbox One.

The video, inspired by the style of Derek Waters’ Drunk History show, tells the customer service story of removing hot sauce from a customer’s previously pristine carpet and the “adventures” that ensue…

Whether spills are involved or not, our customer service team doesn’t mess around. They take every customer interaction pretty seriously. Which is why they recently were honored with Nicereply’s Customer Happiness Award for providing the Most Effortless Service.

We also like to give every customer a high five. No, we don’t drop by their house with a hand held high. That would be creepy. We just offer them our High Five Guarantee to ensure a positive experience all around.

So, we won. You win. Everybody wins.