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Resolution Revolution: How Man Crates Help People Keep New Year’s Resolutions

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If you’re down with following tradition, chances are you started 2018 with at least one new year’s resolution. Good on you. ‘Tis a noble endeavor, the making of a resolution. However, it can also be a fool’s errand if you haven’t prepared yourself for the challenges that may come along with it. Even the greatest of goal chasers needs a little help now and again. Man Crates can help. See how the right gift can help keep resolutions in check.

Well begun is half donewell doneWe’ve matched up some crates and kits that can help you keep your resolutions or those of someone in your life on track and make keeping them less painful.

There’s a crate for that

Resolution: Get out into nature more
Generally speaking, that sounds pretty easy—just go outside, right? If you don’t have the right tools for surviving the wonders of the natural world, well, you just might not survive. And you want to survive.

Solution: Personalized Camp Axe Crate
It’s the perfect tool for clearing out a peaceful little camp space to call your own. It’s personalized, so no woodland creature with thieving tendencies will be able to claim it. And it comes with the
Good Clean Fun book, so you can enjoy some woodworking tales while kicking back and taking in all the beautiful nature around you.

Give it back: Volunteer with the parks system or help protect the oceans and beaches. If trees are your thing, look into the a local organization to see about planting axe

Resolution: Achieve grill master status
You want to become the greatest griller to ever pick up some tongs and a fork. Or you just want to learn how to do it without any loss of eyebrow or pride. Or you simply want to host the next neighborhood BBQ and look good doing it.

Solution: Grill Master Crate
The Grill Master Crate is the best way to get started down the path to grilling domination. It’s got a smoker box, sauces and spice blend and a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer should any of your meat, or friends, try to give you any lip.

Give it back: Take your food appreciation to your community and volunteer at a food bank to help feed those who need it. grill master

Resolution: Flex your muscles
Or to just get some, should that be the case. Either way, you want to bulk up and hulk out and get strong. Swole is a way of life.

Solution: Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate
Ready to feel the burn while helping you get your flex on? Work that core, tone those shoulders and then recover with some protein-packed muscle potion by way of the nutrition supplement kit.

Give it back: Make a fundraising marathon or biking-a-bunch-of-miles event part of your workout. Most big cities have cause-running events that you can sign up for as an individual or with a group. You can bike for MS or walk for Alzheimer’s or sign up to assist at an event if you’d rather watch some other guy do the sweating.muscle hustle

Resolution: Lighten up
You spend a lot of time being serious and making faces at piles of paper while looking contemplative. This is your year to relax and enjoy the fun things in life.

Solution: Game Night Crate
This crate has, you guessed it, games, games and more games. And it’s the perfect centerpiece for those pals who are just as serious as you are about having fun.

Give it back: Work with an after-school program and spend some time with kids who could use a little after-school attention. Kids are masters at having fun. Hanging out with them a bit is sure to up your personal fun quotient. And it will certainly help them, too. You can read or tutor or just give them some good advice about making time for fun when they’re all adulty and night

Resolution: Be more hands-on
After conducting a recent self-review, you’ve determined that you may have gotten a little too idle lately. And if idle hands are the devil’s tool, you might be in some trouble. You need a new hobby.

Solution: Whiskey and Woodworking Crate
Keep your hands, your brain, your mouth and your whiskey glasses from getting idle and then some. The wooden chisel and mallet will come in handy for any woodworking project you might embark on, while the whiskey glasses will help pass the time in a toasty and tasty way.

Give it back: Build stuff for other folks! Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or another local organization that can put your wood-centric creative talents to work.whiskey woodworking

Resolution: Sharpen your kitchen game
You’ve watched enough Iron Chef episodes to know you can cook just as well as those guys. Problem is you don’t have a proper knife. You may also not know how to cook, but one thing at a time.

SolutionChef Knife Making Kit
The key to good cooking is a good knife. This kit will give you a good knife that, bonus, you can make for yourself. It’s got all the tools and fancy accessories required for sculpting the kind of knife that will make cooking seem like a walk in the park. No park or walking required.

Give it back: Once you’ve got the cooking bug, you won’t be able to get rid of it. Only thing to do then is to pass that bug along. Hook up with an organization that helps feed those in need and share your bug with people who could use some help with healthy eating.chef knife

Resolution: See the world and experience new cultures
Equally important as exploring the world is the fact that you have about a gazillion carried-over vacation days just burning a hole in your HR file and this is the year to use ‘em. Time to take off.

Solution: Travel Survival Pack
You’re going to want to keep all of your goods organized and safe as you plane, train or automobile it around the globe. The Travel Survival Pack comes with an external battery to make sure you never run out of juice while running around.

Give it back: Take a working vacation. No, we don’t mean bring your work on vacation. We mean bring your vacation to work. Help with conserving iconic cultural sites while visiting some impressive destinations, or volunteer to work at a farm. travel

Resolution: Clean up your act
You’ve got a face full of hair and need to do something with it. You’ve grown tired of the whole disposable razor game, you can’t stand wasting money, you suspect you could employ a more environmentally friendly method of shaving and you just want to have a cooler grooming experience. You want to master the art of shaving.

Solution: Straight Edge Shaving Kit
The Straight Edge Shaving Kit makes the old-fashioned method of shaving—with a very sharp straight razor—cool again. The
Böker razor gives basically the smoothest shave possible and the shave cream and aftershave will make your face jump for joy.

Give it back: You know how much better you feel when your head and face feel freshly pruned and primped. Volunteer for a program that provides homeless people with grooming services and pass those good vibes along.straight edge shave

But wait, there’s more
If you still find your motivation to make a resolution waning, we’ve got some more general ideas that can help get you over the hump. Check it out:

  • Try and try again: One of the biggest things that keeps success out of your reach is a mindset of “wanting” instead of trying. A simple shift of perception—instead of just wanting, start trying—can make you 10x more likely to do it.
  • Make it a combo: Combine two (or more if you’re feeling daring) similarly minded resolutions. You can exercise more AND watch your diet. You get the drift. Putting things together that way, chances are you’re more likely to stick with both.
  • Watch it: Chances are good that if you think someone is watching what you’re doing, you’re more likely to try harder. Now asking a pal to keep an eye on things would be honestly a lot of work for them and maybe kind of strange depending on what your resolution is. But you can keep an eye on yourself by charting and/or recording your progress. You’ll be able to keep yourself more honest. Plus, who doesn’t love a good chart?
  • Make it a habit: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say adult men and women should get about 50g of protein per day. And while protein deficiency is technically rare, why take a chance of denying your body its nutritional needs? Replace your afternoon apple for some delicious and protein-rich jerky. Once you do this for two weeks straight, you’ll start craving jerky at that time of day and you won’t have to worry again about “remembering” to eat your daily allowance.