Living on the Cutting Edge: Tech Gifts for Men


In the Stone Age, high-tech gifts were quite different. A caveman might receive fire-starting sticks in a convenient Saber Tooth carrying case or a 3-color set of wall-drawing rocks. Fast forward a few thousand years and homes have become high-tech hubs filled with every gadget imaginable. But if you’re wanting to up the ante and get your techie something completely unique, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the coolest products on the market. We’ve got all the price points covered (three spaceships = expensive, one spaceship = inexpensive) for you to make an easy decision that’ll rock his hi-fi world—charging cable included.

Three Spaceships

The Most Realistic Racing Simulator – $185,000
(At the most unrealistic price.) Forget him needing to gas up the Harley. The newest thing on the road can fit in the living room. Long gone are the days of pushing in a cartridge and car racing in his friend’s smelly bedroom. With 3 HDTVs, an actual racing seat and features that’ll blow his hair back, this state-of-the-art simulator will have the Jeff Gordon in your life motoring toward the checkered flag. Best of all, there are no sponsor-plastered jumpsuits needed—he can do it all in his pajamas.

Kohler Numi Toilet – $6,400
This toilet must be why the Emperor decided to stop wearing clothes. It’s automatic, heated, plays music via Bluetooth, and perfectly represents everything he’s ever expected from his throne. Just be prepared for the long lines and wait times.

Leica T Digital Camera– $1,095
Our modern world is an overtly visual one. Between powerful gear and endless inspiration, anyone can create a beautiful image. But if your budding photographer is looking to up his game and move into the future, look no further than this amazing 16-megapixel camera from the legendary Leica company. They’ve been around since 1849, which has given them plenty of time to perfect their latest camera with wifi connectivity, full HD recording and an aluminum alloy body. Get ready to for some Ansel Adams-level brilliance.

Navdy Mounted Windshield Projector – $799
Safety is key. But why not do it with a flair that would make Batman jealous? This sleek heads-up display will show him all his favorite apps, GPS, music and more, all while keeping his eyes on the road.

Savant Remote – $499
No longer must we live in a world where home entertainment setups require four controllers, 12 batteries and 3-5 years of computer science experience. For the man looking to upgrade his man cave, the Savant is a sleek, intelligent controller that can pair with a staggering 380,000 different devices to achieve relaxation supremacy. It integrates anything from a cable box to an XBOX to an AV receiver—and even lights—into one package. It also has voice control, so luddites can just press a button and shout “HBO Go” if they can’t figure out how to locate the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

PlayStation VR – $399
The whole idea of virtual reality used to be so far fetched. But as Ray Bradbury keenly warned us, the future is here. With a 5.7-inch OLED 1080p display and 3D audio technology, your space ranger can put on this headset and transport himself to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Smart Home Kit– $249
Automation is the “Chuck Taylors” of the future; stylish, convenient and everyone has it. But sweaty shoes aside, if your beloved geek is tired of waking up to turn on his coffeemaker, change the A/C setting or even check if the fridge doors are closed (to keep the pizza fresh), this gift will knock his socks off. And then turn on the washing machine to clean them. Talk about useful technology. It comes with customizable parts to turn appliances into remotely controlled devices.

Two Spaceships

3Doodle 3D Printing Pen – $99
Remember when doodling was reserved for cocktail napkins or and the back of library books? Well, that’s old news. With this easy-to-use 3D Pen, doodling dudes can slip away into a crafty coma and bring those scribbles to life. Don’t be surprised if you get some 3D-printed jewelry in return. PRO-TIP: If money is no object, let him eat what he prints with the Foodini 3D Food Printer. Tastes way better than Hammermill copier paper.

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider – $99
As any sci-fi fanatic will tell you, drones are an integral part of tech culture. Self driving cars are nice and all, but the human transport drone will really put the “rush” in rush hour commute. You don’t need a Star Wars-sized budget to give this miniature version. It’s easy to set up via Bluetooth and even has wheels that can take this futuristic contraption up the wall and to a galaxy far, far away.

Smash and Grab Gift Card Redeemable at Best Buy – $75
In today’s tap and swipe world, sometimes a little smashing can go a long way. Zig when everyone else zags with this one-of-a-kind gift card that comes encased in concrete. Grabbing a hammer for some blue collar cement demolition may seem a bit old school at first. But when he gets inside, he can return to online haven to decide where to redeem the gift card. There are a wide variety of stores to choose from, though if he’s a true screen enthusiast, we’re guessing he’ll go with Best Buy, where he can continue his quest for tech-god status.

Phone-tography Pack – $74.99
Achieving social media studliness requires top-notch photography. Phone cameras are pretty good at capturing that ever-so-rare albino dolphin sighting, a killer sunset or the porterhouse steak that was large enough to feed a small village. But to really pile up the “likes,” a phone-toting photog needs next-level tech. The Phone-tography Pack sets the scene with the Camkix 5-piece lens kit, a CamRah flexible tripod and a portable USB charger. The best selfie ever awaits!

One Spaceship

Laser Projection Keyboard – $50
In 1867, Christopher Latham Sholes invented the typewriter. With it, a writer could use a keyboard to transfer letters onto a piece of paper. But obviously that wasn’t good enough for us. Almost 150 years later, it’s now possible to turn any hard surface into a laser projected keyboard. With a seamless connection easily to most devices and impressively low lag time, he’ll have no excuse for not texting back. And you can thank Mr. Sholes for that.

DualCharge Solar Powered Charger – $40
In this modern age of gadgets and whatchamacallits, nothing is more irritating than running low on battery. From smartphones to cameras, he’s probably got a dozen different charge-sucking devices going at once. And like most good things, their charge must, too, come to an end. That’s why this charger just makes sense. It has two USB ports that can charge multiple devices at the same time, and it uses the only power source that’s not failed us yet.

Grill Daddy Pro – $20
Technology is meant to make everything easier, and obviously a heck of a lot cooler. So if he’s ever doubted that there’s a groundbreaking, grill-raking way to clean his backyard baby, this steam-powered grill cleaner is sure to prove him wrong. It uses only water to power through greasy, delicious residue on the grill. Using a device straight out of 2057, he’ll be cleaning up his carnivorous mess with jet-pack precision, and we guarantee there’ll be no complaints.

Bevometer Drink Counting Beer Koozie – $15

The high-tech chug is on. This awe-inspiring beer koozie kicks things up a notch by keeping his beer ice cold and tracking how many he’s had. Aside from making sure he’s responsible with the brews, it also keeps an ongoing tally of his lifetime beer count. Don’t worry, though. It won’t count the calories.