​3 Tips For Throwing A Killer Bachelor Party


Your buddy is getting married. But before the big day, there’s a big night to celebrate. It’s on you to throw the greatest bachelor party of all time. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. The very point in history that was made just for you to show what show-stopping, party-rocking skills you possess. This is your how-to on going hard without doing anything dumb/illegal/injurious.

Bachelor parties of yesteryear go back to the 5th century. Spartan soldiers celebrated the groom’s last night as a single man with dinner in his honor and made toasts on his behalf. It’s a far cry from today’s typical celebration, but come on, these are warriors we’re talking about here. There are cool points dancing all OVER these roots.

The modern term “bachelor party” didn’t even exist in 1922 when it was first used in the Scottish publication Chamber’s Journal of Literature, Science and Arts to describe a “jolly old” party. It’s even got a wide range of names depending on what country you’re partying in—the U.K., Canada and Ireland all call it a stag party and Australia affectionately refers to it as a buck’s party (they would).

Bachelor parties often used to involve a black-tie dinner hosted by the groom’s father with toasts to the groom and bride—because who doesn’t want to mimic Spartan soldiers? Speed this up to modern day and you basically get a free pass to emulate Gerard Butler and bellow, “THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!” Because history.

What’s better than going literally anywhere new and exciting with a group whose stories mirror the tall tales of Tom Waits and want nothing more than to add to their arsenal?

You could go anywhere. You’ll definitely want to take price into consideration for everyone and know what kind of destination the bachelor will rave about until he’s 104. Some questions to ask yourselves:

  • Is he a beach or nature guy?
  • Does he like to hike and camp or would he rather stay in a swanky hotel and lush it up?
  • Would he be down to have the best of both worlds and do both? Who says you can’t throw him a dual party?

Survey all the invitees about their favorite places for some ideas and then line up your top picks with your man of the hour’s preferences.

Research from San Francisco State University discovered that people who threw money at experiences instead of material things were happier and felt much better about the money that was spent. A Stanford study found that folks who have more frequent social interactions live longer and have healthier lives. So basically your destination bachelor party is the secret to happiness and long life. Way to crack the code.

After you nail down the destination to end all destinations, you’re going to want to iron out the logistics—and yep, there’s an app for that.

Venmo – Welcome to your ultimate cost splitting app. If you don’t already know it well and want to name your first born after it, you will soon.

Airbnb – Unless you’re roughing it in the great outdoors or hitting up The Hard Rock, AirBNB is your ticket to ride. It’s active in 65,000 cities, 191 countries, and 173,000 listings in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot more than you need. So, you know, you’re good.

Viator – If you need ideas for things to do, hit up Viator, a TripAdvisor company, to cement your plans and become an expert on your destination. You can book on the go or in advance and there are activities in more than 1,500 locations. You’re welcome.

Whatever you do, it’s going to be killer and he’ll love you for making it happen. The fact that he chose you to be by his side for this mega moment in his life speaks volumes about how much he believes in your capabilities to not jank anything up TOO much. Comfort in the small things, friends. Have a blast, lean into the experience and making new memories—and don’t forget about channeling Gerard. Oh, and gifts are good too. You should probably scream “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!” while you’re giving the gifts. Yes. Do that. Know your roots. Explain nothing. Happy partying!