Instant Gift: A Procrastinator’s Best Friend


We’ve all been there. You’re trying to do a million things at once, then, it hits you. That feeling that you forgot something. Feed the dog? No, you did that. Pay the electric bill? Nah, it’s not due yet. OH, YEAH! It’s that gift you needed to get for your husband/boyfriend/father/friend/son/brother/etc. (pick the one that applies). A quick glance at the calendar confirms your fear. His gifting occasion is in two days. But you still want to get him an awesome last-minute gift, since you kinda phoned it in last time with that _________ (fill-in-the-blank) gift card from the grocery store. You feel sweat start to bead up on your forehead as the panic sets in.

Well, relaaaaaax. This is precisely why Man Crates invented Instant Gift digital delivery.*

*Services like this take time to perfect. That’s why we’re launching Instant Gift as a test that will only be available to 50% of Man Crates customers at first. So if you don’t see it as an option, keep an eye out for it in the near future.

How Instant Gift saves the day

Easy things often happen in a series of three, right? So here are the three steps to show you how Instant Gift works. 

Last-minute gift scrambling happens to the best of us. But now, with Instant Gift, instead of making excuses, you can just make his day. First, you simply find a Man Crates gift he’ll love.

With our express checkout, you fill out a few fields and leave the rest to us. Enter your recipient’s email address, your payment info and choose a Man Crates eCard that fits the occasion.

In an instant after you check out, he gets a gift alert email on your behalf, including your personalized greeting card and which gift you got him (you have the option to keep it a secret until it arrives). Very thoughtful of you. Then, to receive his gift, he simply has to tell us his type/size/color preference (if necessary), along with his address and desired delivery date.

4 situations in which Instant Gift comes in handy:

1. You need a gift sent NOW.
There’s no time for a delivery truck. You’re desperate and need a gift that can literally get there in an instant.

2. You don’t know his address.
Seriously, who carries an address book anymore? Not knowing someone’s address is totally acceptable. With Instant Gift, he fills in his address.

3. You’re not sure about his preferences.
Certain gifts have size or color options. Others let you pick team logos. Rather than guessing, you’re probably better off letting your recipient choose his preferences himself.

4. He’s out of town.
You definitely don’t want his crate sitting on his doorstep unguarded while he’s off galavanting around the Scottish Moorlands for the next few weeks. Instant Gift lets him choose the delivery date that works best for him.

Get excited for this new way of gifting—and don’t worry if you don’t remember to get him a gift until the last minute. You’ll look like you had it all planned out ahead of time with the magic of instant giftification!