Honeymoon Ideas That Go Off the Beaten Path

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Recently in the Man Crates blog, we’ve given you some awesome bachelor party tips and killer wedding planning ideas. Now it’s time to plan the honeymoon. Our advice: Don’t go generic and visit Hawaii or the Caribbean. Those destinations will always be there for you. Why not get a little bold and expand your horizons. Consider the road less traveled. Read on for a carousel of exotic journeys, adventures, love and food. Remember, it’s all downhill after this, so no pressure.

Botswana Safari & Lake Victoria
The first year of marriage is a bit like going on a safari. You enter a strange and fascinating land where you start to observe behavior you haven’t seen before. And, there are some scary noises at night (sorry, ladies). Prepare yourself fully with an epic African safari in Botswana. This is not a cheap honeymoon, but the unforgettable rarely is. See lions and gazelles, camp with the crocodiles and top off your day with a steak in a serene garden under African skies.

Then, spend a couple of nights around Lake Victoria, where you and your new partner can swim together under the full moon, basking in the possibility that your lives together will always be as perfect as the current moment. Hey, it could happen. We recommend Abercrombie & Kent’s 10-day Botswana safari for an all-encompassing experience featuring stays in boutique lodges and a visit to Victoria Falls.

Antarctica Expedition
We may not have the Antarctic ice shelf much longer, so this is the definition of a once-in-a-lifetime journey. If you think this region doesn’t sound all that romantic, we understand. But, you’ve obviously never witnessed the stark beauty of this continent, a dazzling world of ice and snow and jagged mountain peaks. Its home to wildlife that is not found anywhere else on Earth. Plus, frigid temps just mean more snuggle time and hot toddies! Several of the best Antarctic treks begin in Argentina and also visit the Falkland Islands, like this 18-day journey from Quark Expeditions. For a northern expedition with a bit more comfort, try the In Search of the Northern Lights cruise from Viking Cruises. Perfect for those rare December weddings.

Japan’s Culinary Heritage
Food is one of the most distinctive centerpieces of Japanese culture. Why not try a tour of Japan’s regional cuisine by traveling from Tokyo to Osaka? On your first day, you can sample Agedashi dofu (fried tofu in broth) Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) in an Izakaya (a Japanese pub.) Marvel at the modern, yet efficient, city of Tokyo, with its population of millions of people, its numerous parks and gardens and its unusual mix of sci-fi and tradition. Watch a robot burlesque show, visit an arcade or take in one the city’s themed bars or cafes.

Continue your culinary tour in Osaka, where you can try Kushikatsu—deep-fried meat or vegetables on a stick. Just make sure you only dip it in the communal sauces once! And of course, don’t forget the Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of meats, veggies and other ingredients. It is Osaka’s best-known dish. Share it with your partner along with a cup or two of sake and you will be ready to karaoke the night away. Now that’s Japanese efficiency.

Scotch Whisky Experience
Do you love your Scotch neat, or do you just love neat Scotch like this guy? Either way, you and your betrothed will love touring Scotland and trying authentic Scotch whiskeys from the region that made them famous. Travel almost 300 years back in time when you see the distilleries where these heavenly tasting spirits are made. Learn about the different malts, and have your fill of the “uisge beatha,” or water of life. Enjoy a hearty meal of haggis and herring while you regale each other with stories of your kinfolk.

And of course, there’s no shortage of marvelous scenery in the Scottish Highlands, whether it’s the unforgettable lochs, the majestic castles or the endless green hills. The feel of romance is strong is Scotland, and the only thing you will have to pledge fidelty to is more Scotch.

Rock N’ Roll Cruises
If you do decide on the traditional Caribbean or Bahamas honeymoon, why not do it in style on a rock n’ roll cruise? These voyages are not your parents’ cruises. From the Monsters of Rock (hey, is that Brett Michaels and Fred Durst in the hot tub?!) to a jazz-themed nautical odyssey, or a Backstreet Boys extravaganza, everybody is rocking it out on the high seas. Even Weezer did a rock n’ roll cruise, but they sadly don’t have one scheduled for this year. Say it ain’t so, Rivers! You and your partner can eat, drink and possibly crowd surf if the seas are calm enough. See the sights by day and then jam the night away. After seven days of this, you will have a new appreciation for the rock star life.

Coming up next up in this series: How to Divorce Amicably…just kidding, enjoy your honeymoon and pack wisely!