Groomsmen Gift Guide: Part Two


In case you missed it, need a refresher course or just have a weird obsession with etiquette, Part I of the Groomsmen Gift Guide has everything you need to know about the proper ways to hunt down gifts for groomsmen. With those guidelines tucked neatly in your inside breast pocket, let’s take a gander at gifts designed to make your boys love you slightly more than your bride to be.

Unless your wedding party consists of one really great friend you’ve cloned five times, it’s best to make individuality a priority. That’s why we’ve broken down the following wedding party gifts and bachelor party gifts by groomsman type. Just scroll through, find your brothers, cousins and buddies, and choose from the tailor-made gift recommendations.

The Diehard

This guy doesn’t like sports. He eats, sleeps, breathes and bleeds them. Pro Bowling Tour on late night on ESPN9? He’s in. He’s gone through more face paint than a Barnum & Bailey clown. And you never have to wonder how his fantasy team did last night.

You may have played the game as a boy, and now you can cheer like a man with the MLB Barware Crate!

Custom NFL, NHL or College Barware Crates
Whether your fanatical friend is repping his favorite pro team or saluting his alma mater, Man Crates custom barware will let him throw back a pint with pride. And because it’s all officially licensed, the team logo will perfectly match his calf tattoo.

After weeks of sampling just about every golf product on the market and many long days of practice, we're still absolutely mediocre golfers.

The Golfer’s Crate
Your sports-crazed groomsman won’t be asking for a mulligan when he cracks open the Man Crates Golfer’s Crate. Filled with golf gear, snacks and the Holy Grail of golf movies, Caddyshack, this is the perfect gift for anyone who swings a club—from scratch golfers to weekend hackers.

Reward yourself for your workout...while you work out.

Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate
Help the big baller in your wedding party get swole for his stroll down the aisle. Even in the hotel room, he’ll be able to get his reps in with the SKLZ Core Wheels and Adjustable Jump Rope. Your boy can also shake up his diet and stay shredded with the Hammer nutrition supplement starter kit.

The Savant

He’s the smart one of the bunch. At group meals, he grabs the check and splits it evenly to the penny in his head—in under five seconds. The savant is like the “wicked smaht” offspring of Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting and Bill Nye, The Science Guy. When he starts a project, don’t even try to talk to him. An runaway rickshaw could crash into his his workshop and he wouldn’t even flinch.

Maple scales for the handle.

Knife Making Kit
If Crocodile Dundee taught us anything, it’s that all you need to succeed in this world is a good knife. And one of the best knives to prove this rule is the 440c stainless-steel Shawnee Skinner blade with a custom-carved handle. No gift is more on point for your sharpest groomsman.

Make your trust smoke buddy a cut above the rest with the Fire in the Briar Pipe Carving Kit.

Pipe Carving Kit
Pensive head turns are so much more convincing with a pipe in one’s grip. Especially if it’s freshly hand-carved. With all the equipment needed to transform a pre-drilled briar block into a smoke-billowing masterpiece, this kit will make your buddy’s pipe dreams come true.

If you're having trouble reading custom micro brewing instruction manual, maybe pump the brakes on your "extra-curricular beer research" for the moment.

Micro Brewed Kit
For the shrewd groomsman who knows the difference between pale ales, pilsners and porters on a molecular level, comes Man Crates’ Micro Brewed Kit. Now your favorite beer connoisseur has the ability to painstakingly craft his own personal ale and unleash the brewmaster that lies within.

The Predictable Guy
No mystery here. This guy wears the same seven shirts every week. Probably just going to throw on “Saturday” for your wedding. At every bar in town, he orders “the usual” and somehow cocktail waitresses you’ve never seen before bring him his bourbon, rocks with a splash of Coke and a twist of lime.

It's like you had the foresight to leave yourself a time capsule from your childhood.

Old School Crate
For Mr. Predictable, anything new tends to bring on the nausea. Which is why he’ll love all the same toys and sweet treats he enjoyed in his childhood. The Old School Crate is chock-full of classic good times, thanks to the Rubik’s Cube, Slinky, Fun Dip, Big League Chew, Pez and so much more.

Check out the heavy bottom on that personalized 9 oz. whiskey rocks glass.

Personalized Whiskey Crate
You know your friend enjoys a distilled spirit. Here’s your chance to break him out of the monotony of mismatched glasses, cardboard coasters and polygonal ice cubes. He can even log each of his elevated sipping experiences in the 33 drams whiskey drinking journal.

It's a three-hit combo- a brass knuckle meat tenderizer to soften up the meat, the hickory smoker box for extra deep flavor penetration, and pro-style thermometers to pull the steaks off at exactly the right moment.

Grill Master Crate
Drop a hint that frozen dinners are okay in a pinch, but they shouldn’t be the go-to grab on a nightly basis. Get him in the habit of great grilling with the Grill Master Crate, featuring a cast iron smoke box, a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer and world-class BBQ sauces.

The Unpredictable Guy
An unabashed adrenaline junkie, this spontaneous spirit once drove to Vegas by himself for a one-night strategic strike. From Tallahassee. He’s been known to bet rent checks on a single coin flip, faceplant an unrolled Taco Bell burrito and walk out of the bowling alley in their shoes.

The Caffeine Fiend Crate from Man Crates Pharmaceuticals. Now there's hope for a better tomorrow...morning.

Caffeine Fiend Kit
Help fuel your wildest groomsman’s spur-of-the-moment madness with a top-quality, caffeinated enabler. This kit’s Javamill Portable Grinder, French Press Thermos and Alpha coffee beans will quickly befriend anyone who thinks sleep is the enemy.

Premium Hot & Spicy Kit
Variety isn’t the spice of life. Hot peppers are. For the friend who’s insane enough to hunt down ghosts and scorpions, we’ve assembled an throat-scorching array of hot sauces and snacks that will taunt the most daring of appetites. Not many wedding party gifts will actually make his eyes well up like this.

Great poker set gift for men.

Ammo Can Poker Set
Delivered in a NATO-spec ammo case, this poker set is a gamble that’s sure to pay off. Equipped with 300 casino-weight composite chips and two custom playing card decks, your thrill-seeking chum can go all in to host a high-stakes affair at the drop of a visor.

The Ladies Man
This fast-talking casanova is smoother than velvet. On your big day, he’s going to kill it on the dance floor right after making everyone shed a tear at toast time. Bridesmaids, you’ve been warned.

Clean up well with the Clean Shave Crate

Clean Shave Kit
Looking good and smelling fresh are the first moves in any Lothario’s playbook. With premium pre-shave oil, aftershave and heavyweight chrome razor blades, this kit will keep his face smoother than his best pickup line.

This enamel coated steel percolator is dishwasher and campfire safe. It’s designed to get your water hot and bothered, so it will co-mingle with coffee grounds at an intense temperature.

Coffee Percolator Kit
Love won’t be the only thing brewing with the Coffee Percolator Kit. You’ll help him raise his coffee game with a blue enamel percolator, stainless steel mugs and Peerless Extra Dark French Roast.

The Clown
If only this guy had an ounce of ambition, he’ be on his third Comedy Central stand-up special by now. With a knack for making shockingly offensive comments just quietly enough not to be heard by his unknowing targets, late-night trips to the diner are fall-out-of-the-booth hilarious.

90s Snack Pack Crowler
Snacks don’t get any wackier or wilder than the classic goodies packed into this crate. With outrageously colorful and flavorful candy and gum, it’s like a trip to candy stores of yore.

Raspberry Pie Retro Gamer Kit
Take your fun-loving friend back to a time when life was simpler, graphics were clunkier, and controller buttons were fewer with the Raspberry Pit Retro Gamer Kit. The games will have him reliving past glories and accomplishments that have so far eluded him in the disappointing reality of adulthood.

There's no such thing as over-prepared, but there is such thing as "compromised".

Zombie Survival Crate
The perfect gift for that one groomsman who thinks he’s still the wise-cracking sidekick in just about every teen horror film. The Zombie Survival Crate will have him ready, willing and able for the apocalypse with a machete, zombie guide and a tin of the prime rib of survival foods—Spam.

Got a groomsman that doesn’t fit these molds? Check out our groomsmen gifts or entire collection of gifts for men.