Gifts for the DIY Dad


“If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

It’s a credo that do-it-yourself dads have passed down from generation to generation; men who have understood that human hands were made to carve, craft, sculpt, chisel, and, occasionally, scratch yourself. These handymen scoff at the store-bought and mass-produced. And, while this makes them dads to be admired, it also makes them incredibly tough to shop when it comes to Father’s Day gifts.

In the past, finding the right present would make for a herculean task, but as it turns out, dear ol’ dad isn’t the only one with an appreciation for the authenticity and personality of the handmade.

We’ve curated a collection of unique, DIY-based goods that will give your pops a chance to get his hands dirty while creating a special, memorable experience. They’re the perfect gifts for do-it-yourself dads.

The Right Gifts For The Right Pair Of Hands

From food-based kits focusing on meat and spirits, to tool-based wood and metal projects, there is a wide range of DIY gifts on the market to cater to every type of dad. So, whether he’s a carver or welder, a tinkerer or drinker, there’s a kit out there just for him that requires skill, effort and imagination – all those skills your dad has that he won’t let you forget.

Below we highlight four DIY Man Crate gifts that are certain to thrill your dad, ensure your status as his favorite child, and further guarantee your cut of the family fortune.

For the Outdoorsy Do-It-Yourselfer: KNIFE MAKING KIT

Soon your dad will be carving his very own blade of glory with Man Crates’ Knife Making Kit. The perfect project for an outdoorsman who’s always in need of good utility knife, this kit features a stainless-steel Japanese blade, burl maple handle scales, and a fine leather sheath.

Recommended Dad Skills: Steady hands…or can stomach the sight of blood.

For the Contemplative Do-It-Yourselfer: PIPE CARVING KIT

Gift your dad the smoky majesty of Man Crates’ Pipe Carving Kit. Containing all the equipment needed to carve a pre-drilled briar block into his very own custom pipe, this kit is more than a mere gift, it’s a symbol of sophistication, contemplation, and masculine mystique.

Recommended Dad Skills: Extreme patience and either artistic ability or low expectations.

For the Foodie Do-It-Yourselfer: BACONOLOGY KIT

Send your dad into bacon nirvana with Man Crates’ Baconology Kit. With bacon cure, rub, a smoke bag, and 4 pounds of premium pork belly, your father may consider quiting his job to give Farmer John a run for his money.

Recommended Dad Skills: It’s bacon. No lack of skills can prevent its consumption.

For the Thirsty Do-It-Yourselfer: HOME BREWED KIT

It’s the dream of every dad to throw away all that he’s worked for in pursuit of the magical elixir known as beer – and you’re the one who can make it happen with Man Crates’ Home Brewed Kit. After a quick setup and perusal of the brewing manual, your dad will soon be cranking out 5 gallons of amber gold for his lucky neighbors to sample.

Recommended Dad Skills: The heart, soul, and the alcohol tolerance of a true brewmaster.

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