3 Tips to Next Level Your Fourth of July Party

Food & Drink

‘MERICA. Land of the free, home of the freakin’ awesome Fourth of July party. That’s like, our staple next to hot dogs and the American dream, right? We enjoy so many freedoms in this country and one of the freedomiest happens to be our ability to know how to have a good time. If you’re looking for fun ways to level up your Fourth of July bash, we’ve got you. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of “why the hell not?”

That’s right. Make it a community affair. Heck, make it an entire block party if you want.

The reason this is next level is because everyone and their mother can and does have their own little get together. And that’s fine—maybe it’s not the very first thing on your wish list for everyone to know that Uncle Ed shows up year after year in an American flag speedo (you go, Uncle Ed). But how many people go out of their way to get the entire neighborhood involved?

Consider this: Forbes reported a few years ago that 1 in 2 Americans don’t even know their neighbors’ NAMES. The good news is that even without having personally seen that woman next door’s birth certificate to verify her name IS in fact Apple (what?), two-thirds of us like our neighbors anyway.

So basically what this comes down to is your perpetual and guaranteed happiness that extends far beyond the holiday. Partying down with your neighbors = the level of joy only a freshly brewed beer can bring, which leads us to our next point.

You’ve heard of soda, candy and ice cream bars. This is the 21+ version.

craft brew bar is next level for the sole reason that it gets everyone involved and you can all strut around believing your favorite artisanal brew is the clear crowd pleaser. Might as well bring the American value of healthy competition down to the micro level. Comradery and trying new things together is really what it’s all about (at least, that’s what you’ll tell everyone who brought a clearly inferior beer) and it’s those two things in particular that will prove to make your bash unforgettable.

A 1983-2003 study of nearly 5,000 adults showed that people cluster in happy or unhappy groups and that happiness seems to spread not just within the immediate social group, but to their contacts. It also found that having happy friends who live under a mile away was a particularly powerful predictor of happiness.

WELCOME TO THE PARTY, NEIGHBOR. And to think, it all started with beer and patriotism.

Similarly to a brew bar, a grill-off is an A+ way to 1) Have people bring food to your party so you’re not footing a mega bill 2) Give everyone something fun to do together, and 3) Bust out your grilling skills to claim the ultimate bragging rights—at least until next year.

It’s next level because opportunity for mind-blowing variety is endless. If you’ve got a yard, designate a grill area for all the culinary masters to gather. This is where all the smack talking with go down, which, in turn, will solidify a uniquely unbreakable neighborhood bond.

Moral? Hamburgers are magic and so is the Fourth of July.

Whatever you do this holiday, have fun, party down and enjoy your freedom to do it up. If you want to have a Jets and Sharks style rivalry between your bash and the next neighborhood over, be sure to do so only when you’ve adequately decked yourself out in head-to-toe flag gear. And if all else fails, send over Uncle Ed. Speedos speak for themselves.