Unforgettable/Possibly Regrettable Father’s Day Activities


Father’s Day is an entire Sunday of endless possibilities. Take him to brunch or out for a round of golf and call it a holiday? He deserves better. That’s precisely why in addition to curating truly awesome gifts for dad, we’ve also put together a list of epic Father’s Day activities that’s crazier than his circa-1976 muttonchops.

We give you our memorable things to do on Father’s Day, on a scale of wild to mind-blowing:

Go for Gold

Panning for gold doesn’t exactly qualify as a get rich quick scheme these days. Though some swear there’s still gold in them there hills. And dagnabbit, you and your pappy are going to find it. Throw on some denim overalls, grab a piece of straw for chewin’ and recount old tales from his childhood as you expertly work the strainer and pick axe. Maybe you’ll strike it rich, but if it doesn’t pan out, there’s always a good time to be had at the local saloon. Teeth not required.

Take a Stab at Fencing

Invite your father to put down the remote and pick up a sword—or technically, a foil. He’ll revel in delight as he whips it through the air and he shuffles his feet while shouting things like “en guard” and “touche!” There’s no better way to reward him for putting up with your rebellious phase than to let him poke you with cold, hard steel.

Daredevil Yoga

It’s important to encourage your father to stay fit. Yet the new-age sitar music and the hippie vibe of a typical yoga studio probably isn’t his speed. Introduce him to daredevil yoga—all the poses of a standard yoga class in a life-threatening environment. He’ll feel plenty masculine while holding mountain pose at the peak of an actual mountain. Or he can try pulling off boat pose on a motorbike. It’s an adrenalin-pumping way to make his namas-day.

Matador Lessons

The Running of the Bulls is for wimps. Real men stand their ground and face the infuriated oncoming one-ton toro essentially armed with nothing more than a mastery of the matador way, a thumbtack and a fancy cape. He may pee in his pants a little. Ole!

Tag, You’re It

Nothing says family bonding like a good ol’ fashioned graffiti session. Learn proper tagging technique, check out a little inspiration, then stop by the hardware store, grab half a dozen cans of spray paint and head to the nearest overpass. Be sure to take a photo of his masterpiece so you can frame it for the mantle. Just don’t leave him in the dust when the po-po shows up. He can’t dart down back alleys like he used to.

Gator Rasslin’

Once upon a time, he sorta taught you how to execute a headlock. Now, at these gator wrestling classes in Colorado and Florida, you can watch him put his somewhat flawed technique into action against an eight-foot alligator. Don’t worry, though. If he needs help, the instructors are totally hands-on. Or hand-on, in some cases.

Top Gun, Soviet Style

Be the Goose to your dad’s Maverick as you let him live out his dream of commanding the cockpit of a supersonic Russian MiG 29 Fulcrum jet fighter. Sure, you’d have to leave now to make it to Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia by Sunday. But it would be totally worth it to hear him belt out, “highway to the danger zone” at the top of his lungs.

Party on a Private Island

Some kids take their fathers to Hawaii or the Bahamas. That’s cute. But you’re better than that. Go HUGE by renting your dad his very own island and literally anoint him king for a day. So you may have to burn through your life savings for one weekend of unfathomable adventure. Your dad is worth it. Just bring along a volleyball to keep him company when he refuses to leave.

Whatever Father’s Day activities you decide to try, you’ll want to put an exclamation point on the celebration with just the right Father’s Day gift.