Our Extremely Specific Father’s Day Gift Guide


You and your father go way back. All the way back to your womb departure, really. Remember that first time he held you so proudly? Then he almost dropped you, and you were quickly passed back over to your mother. Good memories.

Since that day, you and the big guy have gotten pretty tight. In preschool, he calmly taught you that magic markers are for paper, not wallpaper. In your high school days, he was 37.3 percent more likely to grant you party permission than your mother. And after college, he let you move in rent-free, unlike every other landlord in the city.

Now, getting him the right Father’s Day gift can be a bigger chore than cleaning up your room used to be. Sure, he’ll “like” anything you get him since he’s a stand-up guy, and that’s all the more reason to get him something he’ll love. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Even picked up those nasty gym socks you left under the bed.

No one understands the different degrees of dad better than we do. In fact, we got our PhD in the Scientific Methodology of Acquiring Fatherly Approval. Applying this proven science, our team has curated epic gifts that span the paternal spectrum to make him feel like he really is the #1 dad.

Tough-Love Dad

Thanks to your “just do it” dad, you were hurtling down ski slopes at the age of five, walking four miles to school in rain, sleet and wind at eight and bringing home a paycheck at 14. You still haven’t beaten him in a game of one-on-one. But one day, he’ll lose a step. And you have him to thank for your oh-so-competitive edge.

Whiskey Appreciation Crate
If tough love walked into a bar, it would definitely order whiskey.

Grill Master Crate
Help him show his tender side. Well, the tender side of some mouthwatering meats anyway.

Heart-On-Sleeve Dad

All it took to make your hypersensitive head of household get misty was a finger-traced turkey drawing. The tears of pride have always flowed freely. Even in public. He can’t listen to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” without going through an entire box of tissues.

Personalized Barware Crate
Every time he drinks from his laser-etched pint glass, he’ll cry in his beer. Tears of pride, of course!

Exotic Meats Crate
Let him eat through his emotions with the wildest jerky selection this side of the Galapagos Islands.

Penny-Pinching Dad

Do “You don’t need that” and “It’s still good” sound familiar? Perhaps, he even pulled the toothpaste tube out of the trash, challenging, “Betcha can squeeze more out of that.” Your frugal father constantly reminded you that in spite of your predilection for leaving doors open, you do not live in a barn. Today, you don’t have to, because you know how to manage your money.

Mount Rubsmore
He can go from rubbing pennies together to rubbing delicious meats. Plus, it the best bargain on the board. He’ll love that!

Bacon Jerkygram
A tasty and affordable way to prove to him you can bring home the bacon.

Overprotective Dad

He thinks the legal age for driving is 22 and 25 for dating. He may have actually bubblewrapped you before your first bike ride. To this day, he doesn’t think anything is good enough for you. And he still has your back. After you merely “met expectations” on your annual review at work, he offered to “have a word” with your employer.

Outdoor Survival Crate
He likes to fend off offenders, right? Then this is right up his overprotective alley.

Knife Making Kit
Since we don’t sell a Shotgun Enthusiast Crate.

“It’s a Girl” Dad

Daughters, you know he loves you. But secretly, he wouldn’t have minded a little more testosterone in the sibling mix. That explains why your closet had a 5:1 football jersey to frilly dress ratio. And before you could go over to Katie’s house, you had to successfully pull off his choreographed, 14-step high-five maneuver. At least you can hold your own at every Super Bowl party.

Office Golf Crate
When he one-ups his golf buddies, he’ll have his daughter to thank.

Smash and Grab Gift Card
Nothing like getting a slab of cement and a hammer from daddy’s little girl.

Fountain-Of-Youth Dad

You’ve never quite figured out where all his energy comes from. Does he have a well-concealed IV of energy drinks? He was in the bounce house at birthday parties, pulled off ollies on the skate ramp and was singing along at the NKOTB concert. He’ll probably still race you to the car when he’s 80—and win.

Coffee Ammo Can
Maybe try to ween him off the energy drinks and onto something a little more adult.

Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Crate
Just the thing to cater to his Peter Pan complex.

Embarrassing Dad

Oh. Mah. Gah. Like, your dad is sooooo embarrassing. We’re talking black socks and sandals. Tucked in T-shirts. Bright yellow Gremlin in the driveway when you were growing up. And still today. Of course, he chaperoned your prom…and tried to lead the Macarena. You used to be all, “Gag me with a spoon,” but it’s kind of adorable now.

Pit Master Crate
With this masterful culinary compilation, he’ll have something engaging to do at all the neighborhood cookouts…behind the grill…away from your friends.

Pro-Tool Crate
Zip-ties and handwritten “out of order” signs will only get him so far.There’s nothing shameful about a shiny new set of tools.

Just Like A Dad

Whether you call him your step-dad, your father figure or “the guy your mom married,” you can’t forget about the dad-like man in your life. He deserves some love for stepping in and stepping up to help make you the shining star you’ve become. Sending a card is nice. Sending a crate will make it a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

Pipe Carving Kit
Designing goals, shaping, smoothing down rough edges…a great metaphor and even greater gift.

NFL Barware Crate
He supported you. Now, help him support his favorite team.

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