Epic Tales of Gifting Crateness


A gifts is much more than a mere material item. It’s an emotional experience. An opportunity to show you care and really get someone. When done right, they’re the stuff stories are made of. Like the gift stories below. We recently asked customers to share their Man Crates moments. The response was overwhelming. Here are a few of our favorite stories that oughta be inducted into our Gifting Hall of Fame (once we get around to creating it.)

A Father-In-Law Favorite
I picked out the Whiskey Appreciation Crate for my father-in-law. He’s not easy to buy for, and since he is an avid whiskey collector, I was a bit nervous that he already had a decanter (that was probably made out of some special blown glass from Ireland/Scotland to preserve the natural blah-blah-blah of whiskey). 
But I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be monogrammed.

We exchange gifts at New Years when they come into town (with all their fancy whiskey). At first, he was a little surprised that he had to open up the crate, but I simply told him that manly men don’t do paper and bows (and certainly not tissue paper). But as soon as he opened it, he loved the crate. Then he saw the decanter and glasses and I knew I had won the night!!!

The script of the etching was perfect and having his first name on the glasses was brilliant, so bravo, Man Crates team! He showed it off to everyone at the party and—not going to lie—my mother-in-law was a little jealous of my successful gifting. She assumed I just found some random thing on the internet and thought of him (when in reality I’ve courted your site for a while before finally making a commitment.)

After they made the eight hour trip home, I got another text telling me how much he loved his crate. So, thank you for the help making the perfect gift happen, I think I’m his favorite daughter-in-law for sure (well, since I’m the least crazy one, I wasn’t that concerned)!
– Jasmine T.

The Show Stealer
I gave my husband his first Man Crate this Christmas and he loved it! I videotaped him opening it, but our daughter stole the show! She loved the Man Crate too, and they both can’t wait for the next one!
– Melissa S.

More Fun than Cologne
I was having a hard time finding just the right gift for my husband. I didn’t want to give him another boring bottle of cologne. I stumbled upon your site and started browsing. When I saw the Gin-Fusion Crate, I knew I had to have it!  It arrived today (two days earlier than stated!) and my husband absolutely loved it!  Thanks so much for offering a unique gift in a fun way.
– Elisha D.

The ‘Fest Was the Best
The Personalized Oktoberfest Stein was an awesome Christmas gift! Not only was my uncle loving the stein, he loved the goodies that came with…and the best part was watching him open it!
– Rocio A.

Triple the Fun
I picked up three Man Crates for my father, brother and brother-in-law, all of whom are U.S. Army veterans. I had them open their crates together—Exotic Meats Crate, Personalized Mug Mini Crate, and Morning Glory Crate. They absolutely loved their Man Crates.  Thanks, Man Crates, for such cool and memorable gifts!
– Ryan M.

Workplace Surprise
I’ve always wanted to do something above and beyond for my man because he means so much to me and makes me feel special all the time. So I wanted to return the favor and surprise him at work. He told me the Salami Bouquet made him feel so awesome. He said, “I never have had a gift sent to me at work and it made me feel really special and loved!”
– Renee H.

Gritty in Pink
Got my husband a mini crate and also the Knife Making Kit for Christmas. He’s a stay-at-home dad (a.k.a. man-mom) and absolutely loves getting things that remind him he still has his man card. Even if he did open it all while wearing a pink bunny suit! Thank you for providing such amazing gifts with the perfect touch of humor as well.
– Erin G.

You can’t make this stuff up. Got a story of your own you want to share? Give us your tale of gifting crateness right here.