Duct Tape’s 10 Most Unusual Jobs

Hands On

Duct tape’s résumé is nothing short of spectacular. Think about it. What job hasn’t it done? Career highlights include interning for the American army in World War II as a window repairer and a temporary wound dresser, patching up the CO2 canister on Apollo 13 to help the crew survive and, of course, keeping the planet’s ducts flowing efficiently.

Duct tape has also applied itself in a number of other vocations on a smaller, weirder scale. Because our team has wrapped 12,655,920 feet of U-Line duct tape around our awesome gifts for men—no lie—we have a natural affinity for such a versatile man-helper. That’s why we’ve stuck duct tape’s most unusual jobs in a list for your viewing pleasure.

Auto Detailer: Guaranteed not to chip, rust or fade.

Jar Opener
The best way to avoid “strain face” when loosening a stubborn lid.

Extinction Prevention: We’d all be living in Jurassic Park today if the dinosaurs had been more resourceful.

Formalwear: Now available at the neighborhood tux rental shop…

Money Manager: Literally sticking to a budget has never been easier.

Wall Reinforcement System
A quick fix for the apocalypse.

Relaxologist: Stop! Hammock time!

Romance Enhancer: Guaranteed not to wilt after three days.

Beach Footwear: Most people just repair their flip flops with duct tape.

Aviation Aid: Take that, Hindenburg.

Duct tape + anything = win. 
Possibly true fact: 71% of Americans think duct tape is actually duck tape. So if you spell and pronounce it right, you’ve already won. And you can help the well-intentioned handyman in your household score countless impressive victories with the Ultimate Tool Kit.