Don’t Go Breakin’ His Heart: Last-Minute Valentine Ideas to Save the Day


Well, it’s happened. You promised yourself that this year you’d be ready for Valentine’s Day with something special to knock his socks off. Yet here you are in the late stages of the game with no plans to speak of, socks-knocking or otherwise. The 14th is almost here and you got nothin’. In fact, the harder you try to think about what to do, the faster time moves and the slower your brain responds. So now what? Fear not! Man Crates is here to help procrastinators everywhere with some last-minute ideas to take Valentine’s Day from fizzled to phenomenal. Or at least forgivable. Read on and get cracking.

Without further ado. Or maybe some ado.
Mark Twain once said, “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” If you’re a chronic procrastinator, the fact is you’re in good company:

  • Franz Kafka’s daily schedule put lunch at 3:30pm, then a nap until 7:30pm, then a little exercise, then some dinner, and then around 11pm, “depending on (his) strength, inclination and luck,” he would begin the writing process. Even then he found it challenging to keep focus, often forgoing fiction for personal correspondence.
  • Mozart wrote the overture for Don Giovanni the night before the opera’s debut.
  • Architect Frank Lloyd Wright put off drafting anything for his masterpiece, Fallingwater, for over a year, until he was forced to come up with something when his patron paid a surprise visit and he drew them up on the spot.

You’ll note that even we are in fact avoiding getting to the meat of these last minute tips, but that’s just for effect. Seriously, we have ideas. Point is, a looming deadline is historically known to set a fire under someone. And since the clock is ticking, let’s do this thing.

1. Breakfast in bed
What could show your love more than preparing a delicious, hearty breakfast in bed for the one you love? We all know that food is the way to everyone’s heart—heck, it’s an official saying. And all it requires is waking up, getting food together and delivering it with a smile. The Morning Glory Crate, among the tastiest cooking gifts for men, can help there, with its pancake batter, marionberry syrup and bacon press. Valentine’s morning will never be sweeter.

2. Membership to Netflix or Hulu 
Got a computer? Then you’ve also got an easy way to pick up a good last minute gift without anyone knowing it was purchased basically seconds before they walked into the room. A membership to an online tv/movie provider will be a big hit while showing you support their binge watching.

3. Movie ticket subscription
If you’re in love with a serious movie buff, a movie ticket subscription can be, well, just the ticket for a last-minute gift. A ticket subscription is easy to grab up at the 11th hour and still look like you’d planned ahead. Be a double-good sport and also offer to buy the popcorn and candy when you get to the theater. Junior Mints for the win!

4. Make a Valentine’s Day playlist 
A key to any successful rom-com is having a good soundtrack. While you may not want to base your life on a rom-com, or even watch one for that matter, you can make an excellent playlist to set the mood for the holiday and/or tell the story of your relationship without having to deal with Hugh Grant on any level. Nothing personal, Hugh, but enough.

5. Heart-shaped pizza
Perhaps making breakfast (or waking up early) isn’t your thing. Fitting for procrastinators. You can still play the food card, just a little later in the day. And a heart-shaped pizza is the way to go. Making this meal will show some serious love—first, it’s heart shaped, so that’s obvious, but on top of that, it’s pizza, which everyone loves to eat. The Pizza Grilling Crate has what you need to make a delicious, crisp, smoky pie.

6. Event tickets
Unless it’s being given for a parking infraction, receiving a ticket is an excellent experience, especially if it’s for a favorite live sports event or concert. Don’t let the quick and easy part of this gift purchase put you off—the joy felt realizing they’re going to the game or show will be so great, it will never occur to them that you just picked these up last minute. Go team!

7. Smash & Grab Gift Card
A gift card is an easy go-to when time is tight and you’re not sure what to get. Problem is that historically, the gift card is not the most exciting thing to give or receive. The times are a-changin’ though, and Man Crates is at the forefront of the gift card revolution. The Smash & Grab Gift Card, a truly unique gift for men, comes encased in cement and requires a fair amount of destruction to reveal the booty contained within—a gift card that is redeemable with any of our 15 partners.

8. GoPro camera
The world’s most adventurous camera also makes for a sweet Valentine’s gift, particularly for those significant others with outdoorsy, active leanings. A GoPro is guaranteed to make its recipient’s heart beat faster, and that’s even before ever using it to chronicle any and all adventures. And it takes next to no time to pick one of these babies up, while still seeming like it was a well-thought-out purchase.

9. Fancy, new headphones
Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic. Electronics are practical, but they can also be excellent tokens of love as well as being very cool. Now don’t go buying an electric toothbrush, which is neither terribly sexy nor supercool, yet a new set of premium headphones would fall into that category. It shows you appreciate your loved one’s fondness for music and/or noise cancellation while not betraying the fact that they are a last-ditch effort to keep Valentine’s Day on track.

10. Recreate a favorite bar setting with homemade nuts and snacks and beer
Speaking to the simpler desires can end up speaking volumes when it comes to showing love. Things don’t always need to be over the top to send someone over the moon. Set up the bar (or a table) with some bar-top faves—the Saloon Nuts Mini Crate is so full of flavor, it’s rumored to have caused bar fights in the Old West—line up some favorite beers, turn on the TV, sit back and enjoy.