A Cup of Cheer: Bar Gifts for Men


Like anyone who enjoys a tipple, Dean Martin knew the holiday season was the perfect time of year for a drink. Well, he thought any time of year was good for a drink. Regardless, the holidays are a time to celebrate, be festive and, of course, give gifts. In the spirit of Dino—drink in the hand, twinkle in the eye, very irritated at Jerry Lewis—we present our guide to the best drinking gifts for men, broken out by price range (champagne and caviar = expensive; old fashioneds and hors d’oeuvres = mid-range; beer and nuts = inexpensive). Cheers.

Champagne and Caviar

The Pedal Pub – $40,000
The health benefits of physical activity and spending time outdoors are impossible to ignore. The benefits of drinking beer with up to 17 friends while pedaling around on a multi-rider bike built around a bar may not be quite as obvious at first, but after a few, things may become more clear (and simultaneously less clear). The pedal pub has room for 10 pedalers, five non-pedalers, a driver and bartender and comes with an empty barrel for the brew of choice.

Handmade Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table – $995
“I’m so happy this whiskey barrel is empty,” is a sentence that is a lie. The exception being when it’s uttered by a fine woodcraftsman who’s gotten his hands on that empty barrel to turn it into a whiskey barrel coffee table. Made from repurposed aged-oak Tennessee whiskey barrels, this spacious and awesome table opens up to double as a place to store bar supplies, alcohol and glasses. Each piece is handmade, hand-stained and one of a kind.

Perlick Dual-Tap 24” Signature Series Beer Dispenser – $4,219
Neighborhood bars are great if you like watered-down drinks and stale pretzels. So why not let your favorite barfly be his own beer-tender with this sleek, two-tap home draught system from Perlick. Throw a bow on it and let your guy bring the bar home. Just don’t let him bring the sketchy regulars with it.

10-Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit – $374
Hooch isn’t just for the backwoods of Hazzard County anymore. Bo and Luke Duke would turn green with envy over this moonshine still kit. The kit includes machine cut parts, copper rivets, pipe and fittings as well as step-by-step assembly videos. Tools and the General Lee are not included.

Old Fashioneds and Hors D’oeuvres

Whiskey Appreciation Crate – $149.99
The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic “uisge beatha,” which likely comes from the Latin “aqua vitae,” both of which mean “water of life,” and all of which means everyone should be drinking more whiskey. Enable more whiskey drinking with the Whiskey Appreciation Crate, the ultimate drinking gift for men. It includes a personalized whiskey decanter, two personalized rocks glasses, two coasters, ice molds and delicious snacks. It just might save a life.

Master Vintner Wine Starter Kit – $129.99

In vino veritas. Sometimes too much. But why should that stop anyone from enjoying a delicious glass of wine, especially if it was made by one’s own hand? The Master Vintner Wine Starter Kit will truly delight the wine enthusiast in your life. This comprehensive kit is equipped with all the tools needed to make top-quality homemade wine, plus instructions from wine industry leader Tim Vandergrift.
WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey 12 Year Old World
 – $134.99

Not all experiments go well—looking your way, Edison—but some go right, and then some go very right. WhistlePig’s Straight Rye Whiskey 12 Year Old World is one such experiment. WhistlePig’s master distiller finished a 12-year-old rye whiskey in premium European oak casks—Sauternes, Madeira, Port, Cognac and Sherry. Each was first released as single cask finishes, and this bottle is the product of a combination of those three. The award-winning rye is smooth on the palate and easy to drink and a far better present than a light bulb.

Personalized Barware Crate – $99.99
A gal named Juliet once asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, Jules, quite a lot. Especially when it’s etched into a pint glass (or four). Serve up one of the best drinking gifts for men with the Personalized Barware Crate, featuring four personalized pint glasses and coasters that allow this gift’s recipient to rejoice in a celebration of self and beer.

Micro Brewed Kit – $74.99
Home is where the heart is, but it can and should also be where the beer is. And where it is brewed. Making beer is one of man’s most ancient—and satisfying—endeavors. Beer lovers will delight in being able to carry on this tradition at home with the Micro Brewed Kit, which includes all the bits and pieces needed to get creative with the brewing process and keep man’s hoppiest custom alive.

Beer Soap Six-Pack – $60
That friend who loves beer more than words can express no longer needs to wait until the next day to smell like it. The Beer Soap Six-Pack is made with real craft beer and is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, so it’s actually good for skin, too. Flavors, um, fragrances, include Apricot Wheat, Honey Pilsner, Vanilla Porter, IPA, Belgian Witbier and Oatmeal Stout. Ah, the smell of it.

Beer and Nuts

Daneson Scotch or Bourbon Infused Toothpicks – $35.99
Not since the 17th century, when they were formed with precious stones and metal, have toothpicks been so glorious as these booze-infused beauties. Savor the subtle satisfaction of fine single-malt scotch, which features a barrel-aged Islay single malt, or bourbon, with its notes of smoky oak, tobacco and fruit. These generously sized toothpicks are made from sustainably forested wood.

Proof Maple Bacon Cocktail Syrup – $22
There’s nothing like pouring rich, thick maple syrup over a fat stack of pancakes in the morning. Except maybe pouring that sweet, sweet syrup into a comforting and toasty cocktail. And if that maple syrup cocktail also has a little bacon infused in it, too? Head-popping good. This maple bacon cocktail syrup combines aromatic bitters with hickory smoked organic cane sugar, smoky bacon and Vermont maple syrup and will help get each cocktail it participates in a little closer to boozy perfection.

Whisker Dam – $20-$25
While beer and mustaches are pretty simpatico, mixing the two perhaps isn’t the wisest. Help hirsute friends avoid the age-old argument of “You got mustache in my beer!/No, you got beer in my mustache!” with the Whisker Dam. This easy-to-use barrier is handcrafted and non-toxic and will protect the ‘stache from advancing beverages.

Contraband Cocktails – $19.95
The days of Prohibition were meant to be dry, but that didn’t really work out as intended. Contraband Cocktails: How America Drank When It Wasn’t Supposed To tells how the U.S. maintained its buzz during Prohibition, with information on drinks, recipes and methods used to keep the spirits flowing.

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