Crafting A Dashing ‘Stache

Hands On

There’s nothing quite like the confidence of conquering a personal manquest. This is exactly what happened when my husband decided to grow a handlebar mustache against all (previously thought) odds.

What follows is a visual rolodex of what to expect on the journey and tips and tricks to get ‘er done right.

“I never thought I’d have enough facial hair to do anything with. It’s always been sparse.

I started my journey by just haphazardly growing out a mustache with no end game, and it was constantly in my mouth.

Then one day I decide to comb it and pull it to the sides to keep it out of my mouth, and was pleasantly surprised to see a semblance of a handlebar style!

The dapper handlebar look serves me well for my interests.

I’ve been into the vintage motorcycle culture since the turn of the decade when I bought my first bike—a 1978 Honda CB550—and transformed it into a brat café-style motorcycle. I ventured into this project with a lot of gusto and very little mechanical knowhow. Sort of like growing my handlebar mustache.

Basically being the proud owner of a dashing ‘stache instilled blind confidence to rip apart and rebuild a roaring piece of highway candy.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to grow and groom the push broom, check these out:

Dashing ‘Stache Tips

On Trimming

1. As tempting as it is to trim, let it grow while in process. It’ll be unruly, untamed and scruffy, and certainly not look like what you imagined. Do what you can to mitigate its rebellious state—it’s only temporary. It’s the awkward stage that anything worthwhile has to endure. Consider waiting until you’ve achieved your desired shape before trimming for upkeep.

On Waxing

2. You’re going to use wax regardless, but use a firm wax when you anticipate hot weather. The more firm, the less likely you’ll end up with wet wimpy whiskers. A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly for a natural look.

On Shaping

3. Here’s the secret your granddad knew, thanks in part to your dear granny and old-fashioned ingenuity: steam power. Those hot curlers she’d use in her hair for that pinup look? The same principle applies to achieve those suave swoops for your cookie duster.

When you end your shower, run hot water over your mustache for about 30 seconds and pat dry in front of the mirror. From here, you’ve got two ways to use steam power to your advantage:

1) Curl the ends of your ‘stache around your fingers OR 2) shape the curls against your cheeks and press with your palms. Either way, hold them in place. The warmth, moisture, and steady pressure will lock in your desired shape.

At the Movember Foundation‘s SoCal HQ, proudly donning the dust mop at the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

One final benefit to rocking a ‘stache is immediate membership to an elite gentry of badass brothers. Join us.”

I might be biased, but it takes a glorious man to rock a glorious ‘stache. Treat that man right with the brand new Man Crates Dashing ‘Stache Crate and get ready to watch a complete transformation.

He’ll receive a 1-oz. canister of The Twister Wax, a Kent 87t mustache comb, 7200R Mustache Scissors, The Mustache Growers Book and Earl Grey Lip Balm.

You’ll receive a man with unparalleled charm and glory.

Photo Cred: Brienne Michelle (pics 7, 9)