Celebrating World Poetry Day in Verse


Every year on March 21, people worldwide are encouraged to celebrate an often-forgotten art form: Poetry. From the Greek, meaning “I create,” poetry celebrates the artfulness and aesthetic qualities of language, which is probably why it is largely overlooked. From Shakespeare and Shelley to Dr. Seuss and Dylan Thomas, many a great writer has embraced the magic of poetry. Heck, even Fezzik was into it—“Anybody want a peanut?” Point is, you should really read more. To help you get started in your new poetic endeavors, we’ve come up with our own bit of verse to celebrate World Poetry Day. Poetry is a gift, so the following poem about gifts is…twice as nice.

The Legend of Gift

From a time not far off, in a land rather near
Comes a story of remarkable, wonderful cheer
One of friendship and joy, one that won’t leave you miffed
It’s the legend of the generous, glorious Gift.

‘Tis a tale fraught with danger and heroic feats
Packed with much celebration and delicious dried meats
Proving even though one has a coarse exterior
The insides can make you feel oh so much cheerier!

Just like many before him, Gift was misunderstood
Filled with curious innards and covered with wood
Looking tough, kinda square, making everyone sweat
Causing slight befuddlement for all those he met.

But for those who were patient and those would try
They found Gift was quite awesome, like a fine pizza pie
Their persistence paid off and their hard work revealed
That Gift did possess universal appeal.

There were so many facets of Gift that were grand
Like his personalized approach to all in the land
He had qualities and skills that no other could rival
And knew what was required for zombie survival.

Gift was good for a laugh or a serious chat
He was ready for game night at the drop of a hat
He had excellent manners and never was trite
And was remarkably good at being just right.

Gift had excellent taste and was quite a good cook
He was very well read and had all the best books
He inspired adventure, he evoked camaraderie
And was much more exciting than winning the lottery (no taxes!).

But of all Gift’s, well, gifts, none was quite as delightful
As the way he knew how to make people unite-ful
Stirring cheers and rejoicing, making people scream out
“Now that’s what a Gift should be all about!”

Yes, to bring folks together for good times and laughs
To be more entertaining than even Zach Braff (actually not hard)
This was Gift’s greatest trait, and of which he was proud
‘Cuz he knew he could really bring joy to the crowd.

So the next time you want to show someone you care
Whether friend or a loved-one, please do not despair
Just remember old Gift and know that you can
Go to Man Crates and find all the best gifts for men.