Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Pry: The Best Gifts for Soldiers


Some months just get it. They come in with great weather, have built-in days off, and basically hand-feed us good times. May is definitely one of those months. From saucing it up with Cinco de Mayo then finishing strong with Memorial Day, it has more than its share of time-honored traditions that pair quite naturally with celebration. With the freedom to live it up ever-so-present this month, it’s of no coincidence that it has become a time to also honor the ones who have fought and still fight for our freedom, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

National Military Appreciation Month is taken very seriously around here. We’re happy to support our troops and they’re always happy to crack open our crates. We offer a military discount year-round, and while there are many ways to say thank you, nothing shows appreciation like making a soldier use their hard-earned grit to pry open a wooden crate.

Since we can ship directly to them, whether they’re stateside or in an APO/FPO (shipping instructions can be found here)…you can sit back, relax and be sure we’ll get their gift into their hands safely. Here are a few crates we’ve primed for the valiant heroes you’d like to thank.

Military Care Crate
Taking it back to basics, this crate is the perfect culmination of the necessities a soldier might need. With razor-sharp focus being a job requirement, nothing will kick it into high gear like a strong cup of joe. And after a hard day of trenches and strict training, chewing on home-grown American jerky is sure to offer a meaty pick-me-up. We also throw in a folding knife, paracord, notebook and duct tape—for those all important times when something needs to be patched together in a hurry.

Old School Crate
Memories are kind of like time travel. We can pass by a cigar shop that reminds us of grandpa or drink lemonade on a hot day and be transported back to those childhood days of 25-cent business ventures. For a soldier who’s been deployed elsewhere, classic candies and retro trinkets may be just the thing to give them a sweet taste of home and a fuzzy feeling of knowing someone’s there waiting for them.

Booze-Infused Jerky Crate
Of all the jobs to choose from, being a soldier is not for the faint of heart. It takes determination and a head-strong approach to life that us regular folks can find hard to come by. While liquid courage can help us ask someone out for the first time, the side effects aren’t desirable when you have to wake up the next day and operate a Cougar 6×6 MRAP. So give them the taste, but let’s keep the buzz coming from the humming engines.

Folding Knife Making Kit
Sempre fidelis, never bored. While soldiers have strict schedules to adhere to, it doesn’t mean that downtime is spared. While we sit in an air-conditioned office and can take a break by walking to the water cooler, their peace and quiet can be harder to come by. So if a crafty compatriot of yours is looking for something to pass the time, let him know it’s perfectly acceptable to whittle while he works. This kit comes with everything that’s needed to slash boredom to smithereens.

There are so many ways to say thank you. But the most important thing is that the fearless men and women who have given everything to keep us free, feel our gratitude. You could write a letter, send a care package or let us help you send the perfect gift. Let’s just make sure to give them their due respect and proudly let our Red, White and Blue fly.