Behind the Scenes: Team Photo Debut

Behind The Scenes

The Long-Awaited Presentation

Everything we do as a company, from curating awesome gifts to shooting team photos, is aimed at having fun, turning heads, and shaking things up. And considering the DEA is now monitoring our internet activity* after we bought a suspicious amount of hazmat suits online, we’d call this new team photo a huge success!

*That’s right, DEA agents, we know you’re out there. Hope you enjoy reading homebrewing articles and watching trick shot videos on youtube all day…because we sure do.

The Illustrious Tradition

In our short history as a company, Man Crates has developed a storied reputation for fantastic team photos. These aren’t “corporate photographer at a picnic” photos, we’re talking renowned portraits that would paint Leonardo da Vinci green with envy.

It began simply enough.

A holiday photo staged on a teammate’s vintage truck to get everyone in the holiday shipping spirit:

But as our team grew, so did our cargo and our creative ambitions. Enter, international contraband smugglers:

Eventually, our cargo surpassed our carry weight, and we had to take to the rails like our freight-hopping forefathers of old.

But today, as our enterprise has expanded and our Smash and Grab Gift Cards have poured off the shelves like cement cakes, our team has undergone yet another thematic transition into a cement-cooking kingpin. That’s right, we’re bricking bad.

The Rousing Inspiration

We were so inspired by the courage and ingenuity of a certain “chemistry teacher turned cook” that we had to pay homage in our team photo.

Here was a man who, at the top of his field, left the fame and fortune of a high school chemistry classroom to gamble on his own grassroots start-up in a completely new field. He built an empire from a crystal-blue passion project, and Man Crates intends to do the same with concrete-encased gift cards. Well, not exactly the same.

We also came across this super epic setting that we immediately knew we had to use.

The Fortuitous Location

The first step to realizing our vision was finding a space that roughly corresponded to the picture so we could block out and photograph our team. The warehouse seemed like an obvious choice, and once we cleared out some of the inventory space, we had a perfect multi-level structure.

The Felicitous Impression

Our creative mastermind pulled together a moodboard to invoke the “powder-pouring yet polished” spirit of cement mixers. Black shirt and pants, white shoes, and a suspicious amount of hazmat suits, gas masks, and chemical-resistant gloves.

When pretty much nobody showed up wearing white shoes, because white shoes are bad at remaining white, we decided to just strategically place everyone so hardly any shoes were present. It’s all in the details.

We also scattered various gift containers throughout the photo. Various-sized crates, ammo cans, and primarily concrete bricks.

The Brilliant Execution

Our director of photo-wizardry first lit the area with Kinoflo Tegra heads to mimic the overhead window light of the final photo.

Then, based on this highly-sophisticated sketch below, we divided into groups and positioned ourselves within the future setting using the power of imagination. Poses were struck, stars were born, and suits were made very sweaty,

but after four hours, the sheer attractiveness of the team had been captured.

The Supreme Conclusion

The final step was to digitally shrink everyone down Rick Moranis style, and copy ourselves into proper position.

After a tedious process of color matching, strategic color un-matching, #nofilter, then adding a bunch of filters, the process hadbeen completed. When the dust had settled, this tough as concrete team remained.