Behind the Scenes of Our 2018 April Foolery

Behind The Scenes

With a recent history of elaborate April Fools’ Day pranks, including genetically engineered prehistoric jerky and service that lets you ship yourself along with your gift, the expectations were high for our next gag.

We unanimously landed on Porch Piracy Protection, a service gift givers could add to their order to ensure their gift wouldn’t be stolen from the recipient’s doorstep. It went over fairly well, tricking good number of customers and catching some attention in write ups by Time, USA Today, CNET and The Washington Post, among others.

Since this is one of our favorite projects of the year, we thought we’d offer a peek behind the curtain and reveal some of our little production secrets during the Porch Piracy Protection video shoot.

We shot our opening scene twice because our first attempt was too “cartoony.” We had to re-cast our Social Media Shamer (at right, eating sandwich) due to a scheduling conflict. Turns out, that part got cut anyway.


The crew doing its thing. “Okay, but this time can you look more shoppery?”


Fun fact: This is James, our main Customer Service guy. He’s big into horror movies, so he murdered the “creepy clown” role.


Our barbarian was a really good sport, letting us coat his legs in front-yard dirt to bring his character to life.


The baboon in the video is actually two different baboons. This is Kamila giving her best “up yours” gesture. We were told not to get too close to Kamila.

Mickey, the other baboon, had great chemistry with our spokesman Luke. Except for when he swiped his phone and threw it on the ground. And when he almost peed on Luke’s leg.


Before wrapping the shoot, we got in a few glamour shots. So many selfies happening at once.

After arriving at our final edit, we scrambled to put together the landing page, email, site banner and social media posts to spread the word about Porch Piracy Protection. The joke went over well with customers and the media. But we never joke around when customers don’t have a perfect experience. While the service is indeed fictional, we still stand behind every gift we send. Our High Five Guarantee may not include baboons, but it does come with our promise for 100% satisfisfaction.