A Warm and Fuzzy Tail for National Puppy Day

Behind The Scenes

Puppies = happiness. They’re tiny, soft, playful and adorable. They’re also just the thing for brightening a busy day. Since it’s National Puppy Day, we want to pass along the tale of how Man Crates had this pint-sized puppy mascot for a day.

It was just another bustling day during the holiday rush in the Man Crates warehouse. The staff was doing its thing, assembling gifts, laser-etching barware, sealing crates and bringing joy to men around the country. A small group stepped into the break room for some coffee. The ladies stopped in their tracks when they heard a faint whimpering sound.

They noticed a box near one of the tables. As if on cue, a small gray and white puppy popped his head out of the box. The workers ran over to him and scooped up the mystery pup. They had no idea where the dog came from or why he was there.

It was later revealed that the dog was a Christmas gift for the daughter of one of the assembly workers. Since the warehouse is not a dog-friendly environment due to safety and health factors, for one day, the puppy hung out in the secluded office section of the building. Of course, the team gave him plenty of love and an oh-so-appropriate nickname: Crowbar.

One passionate puppy lover even sat Crowbar in a mini crate—and he fit perfectly. After a day of being pampered, patted and played with, the little guy went home at the end of an exhausting day, where he’s now part of a very loving family.

From all the puppy lovers at Man Crates, we wish you a cute and cuddly National Puppy Day!