6 Very-Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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New Year’s Eve is just days away and you’ve got no plans. Join the club! But, have no fear of watching an anti-climactic ball drop on network television. We’ve got you covered with some awesome last-minute ideas for an unforgettable New Year’s celebration.

1) Rent a Mountain Cabin
It’s a scary world out there, who knows what fresh horrors await in 2018, so why not literally head for the hills? Take to the safety and luxury of higher ground where you can then gaze across the valley below and say, “Yes, yes, my plans are working perfectly.” Air B&B and VRBO have several vacancies, whether you’re looking to go to the Rockies, Catskills, Andes or Appalachians. PRO-TIP: Nothing beats rocking in the New Year from the comfort of your own hot tub.

2) Host a Whiskey Tasting Party
There really is no need to go anywhere if you have good whiskey in the house. Have your friends bring their own favorites. Try a blind taste test or mix up some cocktails. Perhaps invite Nick Offerman over. He knows his whiskey.

3) Go on a New Year’s Pub Crawl
Why spend the evening at an overcrowded bar when you can visit nine or 10 of them?! Like a prize fighter, you can stick and move, bobbing and weaving your way to a magical night. It’s like speed dating without the awkwardness because if you don’t like one place, it’s on to the next. Leave them all laughing and wanting more as you carve up the town. Very rarely will you hear a person say, “I had the worst time at that pub crawl.” What you usually hear is, “It got pretty crazy after that third bar” or “I remember nothing after Hennessey’s.”

4) Poseidon Adventure Party 
This classic 70s disaster movie takes place on New Year’s Eve on the high seas. It’s just enough of a link for an excuse to have a fun, 70s-themed party. Break out the bell-bottoms and put the Dom on ice. If you really want to go all out, turn some of the furniture upside down. Bonus points to anyone who can pull off Gene Hackman’s white turtleneck look.

5) Hire a Psychic
What better way to see what 2018 has in store for you? Whether it’s palm reading, tarot cards or mind-reading, there are psychics out there who can’t wait to tell you how long you’ll stick with your New Year’s resolutions (hint: longer than a week, but less than a month).

6) Send Your Significant Other on a Scavenger Hunt
If it’s just you and partner this New Year’s, a scavenger hunt is a fun way to reignite the romance. Does he or she remember the place you met or where you first held hands? How about the first movie you saw? Be ready to drop some hints as you go. And hey, what better way to show your love than by sending him or her through a mind-bending labyrinth that will beg the question of why they ever dated you in the first place.

Happy New Year!