6 To Dos for Grooms to Get Done Before Saying “I Do”

Hands On

Not sure who first put forth the notion that weddings are all about the bride, but groom’s deserve some love too. Believe it or not, the groom taking a backseat and letting the bride handle everything is a thing of the past. The modern groom should be involved and engaged every step of the way (unless there’s a big game on, of course). We’ve got husbands-to-be covered with 6 tips for being the best groom you can be.

Whether it’s choosing the bar menu, selecting the appetizers or arranging transportation to and from the reception, there will be some chore that the bride has no interest in. Take on at least one tough task and see it through. Then remind everyone about it on the wedding day. If something goes wrong, then Uncle Bob did it.

If you go with a DJ over a band for your music, be sure to give him/her a playlist you and your fiancée came up with that is NOT to be strayed from. Don’t even worry if some of the songs aren’t “dance” songs. This is your party, play the songs you want to hear. However, use discretion and avoid downer songs on your playlist. No one wants to hear “Needle and the Damage Done” or “Sister Morphine” at a reception.

Do not leave a playlist up to the DJ, because it will inevitably lead to horrible choices. Wedding DJs can’t help themselves. They will play awful songs by hour 2. You don’t want the “Macarena” breaking out at your wedding, do you? What if the DJ decides to play Santana’s “Smooth”? There’s no coming back from that. Weddings at which “Smooth” is played lead to divorce 98 percent of the time. These are cold hard facts, people.

There will be moments when a firm hand is needed in the planning stages. Don’t be wishy-washy. Come to a decision, stick with it and don’t look back. No one likes the Monday morning quarterback who says “maybe we should’ve done this instead…” because that’s a good way to get a table setting thrown at you.

Weddings are often divided by family lines because most people just generally don’t like making small talk with strangers. The best receptions feature activities that get both sides mingling and enjoying each other’s company. If it’s an outdoor reception, perhaps feature a corn-hole court or a ping pong table. Nothing brings families together like spirited competition mixed with alcohol.

5) HANDLE YOUR BOYS Every guy has that one crazy friend who maybe doesn’t have a job, drinks a tad too much and says highly inappropriate things on occasion. If you have multiple groomsmen, this is an opportunity to play a zone defense and rein this character in. Keep him distracted and don’t let him wander off alone. Perhaps put a bell on him or tell him he needs to run out and get more ice. You can always thank them later with an extremely cool token of your appreciation.

The pressure of pulling the perfect wedding is stressful, so make sure the honeymoon planning is fun. Many people will tell you to make it a relaxing honeymoon with a visit to a tropical island. Don’t listen to this hogwash. This will be one of the longest vacations you ever take. Go to Asia, or Australia and New Zealand. Or take an African safari. Once the kids start arriving, these kind of trips will be hard to manage for many years, and you’ll be stuck going to DisneyWorld or Busch Gardens. Life comes at you fast. Before you know it you’ll be 70 and planning a vacation to Branson, Missouri. Now is your time to shine. Be adventurous and live dammit, live!